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11 New Habits For a Better You in 2016

As 2015 winds down to a close we begin to think about all the changes we want to make in 2016 for a better and healthier version of ourself. Most of the time we go into the New Year with these big expectations and then get disappointed when we fail to meet them. Let’s start the New Year off with realistic and attainable goals to truly make 2016 our best year yet.

1. Sleep 30 extra minutes

VIEW IN GALLERYGet 30 extra mins of sleep each day

We all know that sleep is so important for our bodies but most of us don’t get the recommended seven to nine hours. Maybe sleeping that long isn’t realistic in this current season but making a goal to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal can be. Once you feel you have mastered that you can take it up a notch and aim for winding down an hour ealrier than normal. You will start to remember what it feels like to be truly rested. Sweet dreams!

2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

VIEW IN GALLERYDrink a glass of water every morning

This is another habit you might have heard before. It’s also another goal that you may have tried in years past and possibly failed at. What if this year you decided to focus on drinking a glass of water before you left the house in the morning? You would start your day with approximately 12 oz of water, depending on your cup size, and be one step closer to drinking the proper amount.

3. Invest in some coconut oil

VIEW IN GALLERYEnjoy the benefits of Cocomut oil

Coconut oil is beneficial in so many areas including: skin care, hair care, digestion and heart health. It’s a great product to have stored in the kitchen for cooking and in your bathroom for personal hygenie. It’s cost efficient too so you can buy a large tub that will last approximately two years.

4. Take your lunch break to exercise

VIEW IN GALLERYTake time out from your busy life to exercise

If you’re finding it difficult to exercise before or after work why not be active on your lunch break? This will help break up your day and get you moving after sitting so long. There are a wide variety of short but intense workouts that will get you back to your desk before your break is up. Here is a great article to help you plan your 2016 lunch workouts.

5. Eat more avacodos

VIEW IN GALLERYHealthy diet includes some Avacodos

Avacodos are so 2015 but I think they’re still a good habit to bring with you in to the New Year. Avacodos are not only delicious but they are heart healthy and help you feel fuller longer. They help cut down the amount of useless snacking we are tempted to do.

6. Take some time to stretch

VIEW IN GALLERYStretch everyday for a more healthier life

This habit has had researchers puzzled for the past few years. Is stretching really that beneficial? According to the Mayo Clinic there are significant benefits to stretching such as increase in atheltic performance, improved flexibility and focus and a decrease in the risk of injury. It’s certainly a healthy habit to gain– so take a few minutes while you’re waiting in line, on lunch break or sitting in front of the tv to stretch. You will feel so much better.

7. Compete in a physical challenge

VIEW IN GALLERYCompete in a physical challange

Of course we all know that working out is important to our health but it’s often times the last thing on our minds. It can also lead us to disappointment because we didn’t hit the gym every day this week. Instead of disappointment, try setting out to do an activity that accomplishes something. “The activity should be based on an accomplishment; it’s a whole lot more fun to say, “I hiked to the top of Bear Mountain,” than it is to say, “I walked five miles on the treadmill at an 8 percent incline.” Accomplishments are fun; it’s like they’re things you decided to do. Yardsticks are boring; it’s like they’re things you had to do.” –Jeff Haden

8. Engage in genuine human connection

VIEW IN GALLERYConnect with people around you

“A growing body of research shows that the need to connect socially with others is as basic as our need for food, water and shelter.” –UCLA professor Matthew Lieberman. Make it a goal this year to turn off the TV, put down the phone, walk away from the computer and connect with others. Minimize the distraction and engage in meaningful conversation with your family, friends, neighbors and strangers. It is a vital habit to have.

9. Embrace the crockpot


The crockpot might be the greatest thing ever. It cooks for you and involves minimial clean up. Not to mention there are so many healthy and hearty meals you can make. Throw in the ingredients in the morning and come home to dinner. Here is a list of 100 crockpot recipes to get you started for 2016.

10. Laugh so hard it hurts

VIEW IN GALLERYGet your daily dose of laughter

You have always heard that laughter is the best medicine. It’s true in the sense that it significantly reduces your stress, anxiety and blood stress hormones. It also doubles as a great abdonimal workout. What could be better than a great laugh and a six pack?

11. Read a book

VIEW IN GALLERYReading-is-to-the-mind-what-exercise-is-to-the-body.

Reading a book has significant benefits including vocabulary expansion, gaining more knowledge and improving your focus and concentration. It’s also free and more mind stimulating entertainment than watching television.

To reach a few goals at one time you can read the Power of Laughter:Ebook while eating an avacado, stretching and drinking water.

Cheers to the New Year!