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Fun Flatware Storage Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Coming up with a creative and efficient flatware storage idea can be a struggle, especially because the ones you see in stores all look the same and rarely leave any room for improvement. As always, we’re here for the rescue!

Check out these amazing, creative and incredibly practical DIY flatware storage ideas and spice up your kitchen to look even more beautiful than it already does!

Wire Basket

VIEW IN GALLERYWire Basket kitchen storage

Find a rusty wire basket at the flea market and beautify it, then make it a home for all of your flatware! The end result looks very organized and you’ll always know if you’re running out of clean spoons yet! See how Happy Mundane conquered the task!

Jeans Pockets

VIEW IN GALLERYJeans pockets turned into kitchen storage

This incredibly unique idea comes from Andy Baird. It’s effective and simultaneously saves a lot of space. Another plus is making use of those old jeans you never wear anymore but are still so attached to them you couldn’t possibly give them away!

Crayon Can

VIEW IN GALLERYCreative Crayon Can

This cute idea might actually inspire your children to properly sort the flatware. Might. It’s full of colors and dynamic, which is always welcoming in any room of the house, but in the kitchen especially! Visit Creative Creations to see how it’s done!

Chalkboard Glass Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Glass Jars

There’s no denying that chalkboard paint is one of the greatest inventions ever. So re-purpose one of your glass jars that you surely have at home, grab a can of chalkboard paint and let’s get going! Happy Clippings shares the how-to! Spoiler alert: coming up with the creative labels is the best part.

Mason Jar Crate


If you want something that looks chic and sophisticated, this idea by Shanty 2 Chic is perfect for you! It doesn’t take too much space and actually looks like a decorative element in and of itself! The flatware will always be at hand and if you ever get tired of its location, just simply move the crate!

Flower Pot


If you have flowerpots that you don’t use anymore (or at all), here’s a lovely idea how to make use of them! Turn them into a flatware holder and decorate them by choice! Head over to Debbie Doo’s for a step-by-step tutorial!


VIEW IN GALLERYLego kitchen storage container

Seriously, what can’t be done out of Legos?! Silly Happy Sweet provides us with a great idea that your kids will absolutely love – especially if they get to build it together with you!

Tin Cans

VIEW IN GALLERYTin cans kitchen storage

Upcycling makes the environment happy and your house uniquely pretty. Upcycle the tin cans that you’d normally throw away and make yourself this lovely flatware holder! Spray paint them in your favorite colors and get creative with the decorating! Rhapsody in Rooms will guide you through the process.

Napkin Pockets

VIEW IN GALLERYNapkin pockets

Have your flatware already organized and ready to use for when guests come over or when you’re in the mood of treating yourself (which should really be every day)! Party City tells you how you can make these adorable napkin pockets; it’s very quick and simple! The flatware station has never looked prettier!

May your flatware always be organized and super shiny!