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12 DIY Fringe Outfits That Put the Fun Into Funky! 

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. We look at some of our clothes that were totally hip last year at this time and somehow feel a bit disconnected. Could we breathe new life into them, make them more exciting? Giving our clothes a makeover is a big part of organizing our wardrobe and today we want to share with you a tip on how to quickly give your pieces the element of fun they might be missing. These 12 DIY fringe outfits speak for themselves!

1. Fringe Sleeves 


Channel your inner country singer and make the most incredible shirt with fringe sleeves! The side effects of wearing this shirt may include stretching out your hands all the time just to see the fringe move! Who could blame you, Elle Frost really knows how to create a memorable outfit!

2. Fringe Shoes 


Shoes are such a big part of our style, they should never be left to chance! We know that you’ve been eyeing that old pair in the back of the closet that you simply can’t part with, even though you find them a bit boring. Visit Dushonok to learn how your old shoes can get a fabulous fringe makeover!

3. Fringe Dress Hem 


A long dress that hugs your body tightly is a very elegant and beautiful piece to wear, but if you ever get tired of showing it off at fancy occasions and want to give it a life filled with fun and broken rules, Riva La Diva will show you how to give the dress a funky fringe hem!

4. Fringe Necklace 


Are you famous for your unique and edgy accessory pieces? Here’s another one to add to your collection! Love Maegan shares the tutorial for a fringe necklace that is made of an old T-shirt, so you get to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of an old T-shirt and gain a new necklace!

5. Fringe Clutch 


The power of a clutch bag is not to be underestimated. It makes your whole style unbelievably chic and makes you look like you totally belong on a high fashion runway. If you feel like straying from the predictable sophisticated look of a clutch, give your bag a fun fringe addition, as seen at Honestly WTF!

6. Fringe Net Tank Top 


A simple white tank top is a very underestimated piece of clothing. It may be plain, but it’s so neutral that it pairs well with absolutely everything, relieving you of the stress that comes with wondering if two pieces go together. We love the fringe net upgrade Pop Champagne gave a white tank!

7. Fringe Denim Pants 


Want to give your denim pants an upbeat makeover? Fringe is the way to go! Your favorite pair of denims will immediately get a fresh and unexpected look, one that you will proudly show off! Make sure you are wearing high heels and don’t forget to thank Honestly WTF for another great idea!

8. Fringe Flannel Scarf 


Colder months call for a warm scarf that will keep you warm as you go on many winter adventures. A flannel scarf is a classic choice and it never goes out of style. Head over to eHow if you are dying to wear a fringe flannel scarf this cold season!

9. Fringe Skirt 


A fringe skirt is worn by those who know how to have fun! You’ll want to dance all night long in this one because the true charm of the fringe only comes to light when you are in movement! It’s really simple to make and we doubt anyone will figure out it’s handmade – M&J Blog is that good!

10. Fringe Cross-Body Bag 


If you have a great love for bohemian fashion, Lets Get Thrifty‘s fringe bag should be your next DIY project! It’s very functional, thanks to the big volume and the cross-body design, and oh-so-wonderful in its free and unrestrained fringe look!

11. Fringe Festival Purse 


Music festivals are like a meet and greet for fringe lovers; everywhere you look at there’s fringe! It’s in jackets, pants and accessories alike. The most popular festival purse has got to be the thin suede fringe purse that is big enough to store only the essentials. Thanks to Sewing Rabbit you can soon have it too!

12. Fringe Boots 


Even the most fashionable pair of boots can benefit from a fun fringe upgrade! Maybe you can’t see yourself making a long-term commitment to fringe just yet but with Old World New‘s velcro fringe boots that’s not going to be a problem; wear the fringe when it’s appropriate and take it off when you’re going for a more serious look!