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Sprouting Flavor: Awesome Recipes for Mushroom Lovers

We didn’t realize how much we love mushrooms until we were adults. Something about the texture of cooked mushrooms put us off as kids but now that we’ve rediscovered them, we simply can’t get enough of them! Lately, we’ve been pouring over pages and pages of mushroom recipes online like we’re making up for lost time in all those years we were convinced we didn’t like them.

Just in case you love mushrooms just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best recipes and mushroom cooking tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Mushroom havarti turnovers


Any kind of dough based snack filled with cheese is already a guaranteed win in our house but, because we’re lucky that our kids have always loved mushrooms just as much as we do now, these particular mushroom havarti turnovers were an especially big hit! See how they’re made on Half Baked Harvest.

2. Parsnip, mushroom, and leek gratin


Sometime about gratin just suits fall time so well in our minds. It’s the kind of creamy meal option that makes you feel warm from the inside out. We’re sure you can imagine, then, just how pleased we were to come across this delicious parsnip, mushroom, and leak gratin recipe on The Ktchn!

3. Mushroom pesto pinwheels


Not every mushroom recipe you make has to be smothered in melted cheese or creamy textures! These delicious mushroom pesto pinwheels are the perfect example of what we mean. See how they were made in more detail on Cara’s Cravings.

4. Lentil and mushroom meatballs


Have you actually heard that mushrooms are a great ingredient to work with when it comes to vegan and vegetarian options and you could use some more of those recipes for when your friends and family with dietary restrictions come over? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Cookie + Kate made these delicious “meatballs” that are made of lentils and mushrooms instead of actual meat.

5. Green bean mushroom tart


Just in case you’re looking for something very simple to make but that looks and tastes like it could have come from a nice restaurant, here’s one of our favourite mushroom dishes on this whole list! Check out how A Spicy Perspective made this flavourful green bean and mushroom tart.

6. Italian mushroom and celery salad


Now that we think about it, it’s not often that we see salads with mushrooms in them besides the occasional sliced raw mushroom in a garden salad, and we think that’s a shame. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this delicious recipe from Five and Spice for Italian mushroom and celery salad that’s full of both nutrients and flavour!

7. Japanese noodles with Shimeji mushrooms


We’ve always adored noodle based dishes but because we eat them so often, we’re also always keeping an eye out for new recipes to keep things interesting. That’s how we found this fantastic Japanese noodle dish that’s made with scrumptious Shimeji mushrooms! Take a better look at how it’s prepared on Steamy Kitchen.

8. Mushroom tacos


Are you still looking for meat replacement options in classic dishes, but you really want to make flavour a priority and not just settle for leaving the protein out? Then we’d suggest looking to mushrooms once more, this time to put a twist on a beloved Mexican dish! Take a better look at A Cozy Kitchen to find out how these mushroom tacos were made.

9. Mushroom and red wine pasta


Just in case we caught your attention when we started talking about mushroom based noodle dishes but you’ve been craving Italian pasta noodles rather than udon, here’s a dish that’s full of rich flavours! A Beautiful Mess outlines the process of making mushroom and red wine pasta.

10. Buttered mushroom, fig, and bacon galette


Rather than just making something good or that looks like a restaurant dish, would you rather try your hand at something that seems closer to being gourmet? Then we think Half Baked Harvest might have just the recipe for you! Check out how they made this fantastic buttered mushroom, fig, and bacon galette that’s actually easier to make happen than you’d think.

11. Mixed mushroom egg bakes


Dinner isn’t the only meal of the day that mushrooms are useful for; we adore mushrooms in breakfast dishes as well! That’s probably why we can’t stop making ourselves these mouth watering little mixed mushroom egg bakes outlined step by step on The Ktchn. They’re simple to do, delicious to taste, and they fill you up.

12. Mushroom cheeseburger calzones


Were you almost convinced right at the start of this post when we started talking about baked dough turnovers but you can’t help wondering whether you might want to add a little more than just mushrooms and cheese? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Cara’s Cravings made these delicious mushroom cheeseburger calzones!

13. Easy brown rice mushroom risotto


Just in case you’re a lover of more classic mushroom dishes but you’d like to learn how to make them at home, here’s a fantastic recipe from Cookie + Kate that’s so delicious we’ve made it twice this month alone! Check out their recipe to learn more about how this easy, creamy brown rice and mushroom risotto was made.

14. Wild mushroom and goat cheese frittata


One of our very favourite things in the whole world to cook with mushrooms simply has to be a satisfying frittata. This particular recipe from A Spicy Perspective is an especially good one, and it’s also a great beginner dish if you’re new to cooking because it’s very simple to make! Check out how they did it with wild mushrooms and goat cheese.

15. Mushroom falafel


Falafel is already an absolutely scrumptious vegetarian dish but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a fun twist on it to make it even more yummy to eat! Check out how Five and Spice made these fragrant mushroom falafels by hand at home in surprisingly few simple steps.