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DIY Blanket Ladders: A Modern Concept with a Rustic Appeal 

If you’re closely following the latest home decor trends you have surely seen the up and coming trend of blanket ladders. The ladders are often placed in a bedroom or living room with a purpose of carrying blankets and so contributing to the room’s decor by being functional at the same time. The rustic look of the ladder brings a cozy vibe into the room and if you’re totally digging this concept, you’re going to love our selection of DIY blanket ladders!

1. Farmhouse Blanket Ladder 


A ladder is something that is not often seen indoors and some might think it’s a radical concept of home decoration, but trust us when we tell you that a farmhouse blanket ladder will add much character to your minimalist bedroom. Get the instructions at Thifty & Chic!

2. 15$ Blanket Ladder 


You know how it goes … a trend becomes popular and all of a sudden the home decor stores explode with it and set some very hefty prices. Outsmart the industry by making your own blanket ladder that will only cost you $15 dollars! If you think that’s impossible, Naptime Decorator begs to differ.

3. Pottery Barn Blanket Ladder 


There’s no denying that Pottery Barn has some very amazing items and ideas for furnishing and decorating your home – but with that said, if you are on a tight budget you might need to look into other options. You don’t need to give up their upscale design ideas, you just need to bring them to life yourself. Hey There, Home shares a tutorial for a beautiful Pottery Barn inspired blanket ladder!

4. Dark Wooden Blanket Ladder 


Shanty 2 Chic‘s dark wooden blanket ladder is a beautiful sight to behold. It has a cozy look, completed by the contrasting light blankets hanging over it. This is the perfect functional decor piece to bring into your living space this winter, when the cold days hit and you need snuggly blankets always on hand!

5. Gray Wooden Blanket Ladder 


The blanket ladder needs to be in sync with your interior in order to look a natural part of it, rather than seeming out of place. If your home is decorated in a minimalist fashion with a neutral color palette featuring hues of brown and gray, a matching wooden blanket ladder is going to fit in perfectly. Get the details at Domestically Speaking!

6. Rustic Blanket Ladder 


Rustic decor brings something special and familiar into any room. It proves that old things can still have a place in this modern world and they can absolutely be the focal point of the entire space. Beautiful Life Market‘s rustic blanket is a great example of that.

7. Branch Blanket Ladder 


If you are not so skilled with wood working you can always find a simpler option out in nature. Gather some branches and use them for creating a beautiful blanket ladder that you will always be proud of. Design Sponge will take you through the process.

8. Metal Pipe Blanket Ladder 


Combining different materials creates a diverse style that emphasizes the best of opposing concepts. Shanty 2 Chic paired together metal and wood to create a blanket ladder that carries the simplicity of a natural material and the elegance of the metallic rungs!

9. Wood Plank Blanket Ladder 


Your ladder doesn’t have to have a complicated design that you’re going to spend hours on. It can be built from simple wood planks, even if you are a total beginner.  Don’t believe us? Cherished Bliss shares the step-by-step!

10. Modern Blanket Ladder 


When you swear by modern decor it can be hard to picture fitting a rustic ladder into your home. That’s why Darling Darleen created a blanket ladder with an exceptionally elegant and modern look that features white and copper, which will be an outstanding addition to your bedroom.

11. Shabby Chic Blanket Ladder 


Sometimes you can imagine a certain piece so well in your head, but you simply can’t find it anywhere! If you are secretly dreaming of a blanket ladder that is rocking the shabby chic look, you can abandon the search because you have just found it. Our Vintage Home Love has the tutorial!

12. Driftwood Blanket Ladder 


Mixing modern with rustic creates a contrasting effect that somehow works incredibly well within a bright and simplistic home. Sustain my Craft Habit used driftwood to create the ladder’s rungs and bring an organic element to the space, contrasting the modern coloring and design.