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Milk and Honey: A Timeless Combination in a DIY Beauty Routine 

Combining milk and honey for the purposes of nurturing the skin is truly timeless. It has been around for centuries and it’s one of the very well-known beauty tricks for having a soft and smooth skin. If you are yearning to try this combination for yourself but don’t want to settle for store-bought products that will only add chemicals to the mix, here are 10 DIY milk & honey beauty products to stock your bathroom shelves with!

1. Milk and Honey Bath Melts 


Take a bath in the fashion of true royalty by using milk and honey bath melts! Your skin will have an incredibly sweet smell and after your bath is over you’ll be able to feel how well-moisturized and rejuvenated it is! Get the tutorial for these special bath melts at Bren Did!

2. Goat Milk and Honey Soap Bars 


The fun thing about using milk as an ingredient is that you can always test out different types of milk and see which one suits you best. Simply Stacie made wonderful soap bars from goat milk and honey, giving them a unique feature that makes people eager to try them!

3. Milk and Honey Body Wash 


Wash your body with the softness of milk and the sweetness of honey. After a long and stressful day that is what you deserve! Busy moms will especially be able to appreciate this milk and honey body wash from Live Simply when they try it out and see how fun it is to give yourself a royal treatment every once in a while!

4. 10 Minute Milk and Honey Soap 


If you’re looking for a really quick and simple beauty product that has all the benefits of milk and honey but can be made in a very short time, look no further than Happiness is Homemade. These honeycomb-inspired milk and honey soap bars can be made in only 10 minutes!

5. Milk and Honey Bath Bombs 


Who wouldn’t love bath bombs – they are so much fun to use and they can easily be made fat home, from natural ingredients only! A Beautiful Little Life has a simple recipe for a bath bomb that captures the essence of milk and honey, as well as adds some oatmeal to truly take the best of care for your skin!

6. Almond Milk and Honey Lotion 


If you don’t want to use regular milk you can play around with plant-based milks! Sincerely Kinsey used the almond version to make a milk and honey lotion that nourishes your skin. Whenever your skin feels very dry and needs a little boost, this lotion should be your go-to product!

7. Coconut Milk and Honey Body Wash 


Since you’re already exploring Sincerely Kinsey and plant-based milk alternatives for beauty products, we wanted to let you know about this coconut milk and honey body wash! This combination has a very sweet aroma, perfect to use in a morning shower that will leave you smelling sweet all day long!

8. Soothing Milk and Honey Bath Bombs 


One recipe for bath bombs is never enough, so here’s another way to make milk and honey bath bombs that have a soothing effect on the skin! We love how these bath bombs don’t have the predictable round shape but are a tad more unique than that! Find out all about them at More Than a Mom of Three.

9. Milk and Honey Face Mask 


The skin on our face needs special care and it’s a really good idea to pay it some extra attention with a quality face mask at least once a week. Instead of spending big amounts of money on store-bought face masks, roll up your sleeves and make one yourself! We recommend the milk and honey face mask by Somewhat Simple.

10. Milk and Honey Shampoo 


All this talk about the skin, we almost forgot about the hair! Both milk and honey have numerous benefits for your hair as well, so this combination really does great work within a shampoo. Homemade for Ellie will show you the whole process so you’ll get the measurements just right and end up with the shiniest, healthiest hair!