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Marvelous Macramé Crochet Hammock – Unwind in Style!

How about a quick and easy craft project that rewards your hard work and effort like none you’ve ever tried before? With a little help from Angie Diersman and this amazing idea we came across on eHow, your next DIY project could be one that changes your downtime forever!

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If you’ve never tried your hand at macramé, you’re long overdue a treat. This simple yet amazingly effective technique has been used for many centuries in the creation of everything from decorative art to luxurious furniture and so much more. In this instance, the same simple macramé technique is used to weave a wonderfully elegant and sublimely comfortable hammock the likes of which you’ll wonder how you ever got by without.

Simple Supplies, Outstanding Results

Instead of paying good money for a store-bought hammock, set aside a few hours this weekend to create something unique and wonderful. In terms of supplies, you’ll need just a few basic essentials and the kinds of tools you’ll probably already have around the home.

You’ll need:

  • 30-inch long hardwood dowels, 1.25-inch diameter X3
  • 36-inch long hardwood dowels, 5/8-inch diameter X2
  • Macramé rope or cord in any color, 200 yards
  • 5-inch rope, 8 yards
  • Bag of screws – 1-inch
  • Scissors
  • Measuring taps
  • Drill

There’s no denying how awesome this blue example looks here in the pictures, but it’s perfectly possible to mix things up as much as you like. You could of course also paint the wooden dowels as well, if you wanted to make your own DIY hammock even more unique to you.

From lazy afternoons on the porch to those idyllic summer evenings in the yard, whip up a few of these for family and friends to use and you’ll never look at outdoor living the again. And when it comes to the perfect gift for any occasion…well, what could be better than the gift of blissful relaxation, right?

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