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Gorgeously Intricate Lace Shawls for Advanced knitters

Lace knitting is a skill that requires years of practice and experience. Many advanced knitters enjoy creating beautifully intricate patterns that look stunning at weddings and christenings. Lace shawls make gorgeous gifts that can be passed down for generations.

Check out these beautiful lace knitting patterns that your friends and family will absolutely adore!

1. Echo Flowers shawl from Kelborne Woolens

VIEW IN GALLERYEcho Flowers shawl

This shawl’s floral pattern fans delicately out from the centre and makes it look perfect for spring.

2. Elizabeth shawl from Design by Dee

VIEW IN GALLERYElizabeth shawl

Contrasting patterns and lines in this pattern make it an eye catching piece no matter what colour you choose to knit it in!

3. Jaali knitted shawl from DesiLoop

VIEW IN GALLERYJaali knitted shawl

The larger holes in the pattern allow the colour of your outfit to shine through, which looks especially pretty if you knit the shawl in a neutral shade.

4. Bramble shawl from Miriam Felton Designs

VIEW IN GALLERYBramble shawl

The stylishly jagged edge of this shawl make it a statement piece.

5. Fiori lace shawl from Romi Hill

VIEW IN GALLERYFiori lace shawl

This lace shawl is so gorgeously light that people seeing it will discover a new gorgeous loop or detail every time they look at you!

6. Blackberry Mist shawl from Azalea and Rosebud Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYBlackerry Mist shawl

The small size of this shawl is perfect for just lightly warming your shoulders in a summer dress on a warm night.

7. Spring and Blue and Pink shawl from Faberie.

VIEW IN GALLERYSpring and Blue and Pink shawl

The pretty petal pattern of this shawl is only made even more spring-like and cheerful by the bright colours!

8. Evanston shawl from LaceKnit

VIEW IN GALLERYEvanston shawl

The classic lace shapes in this shawl hearken back to vintage lace table clothes and curtains liek your grandmother might have owned.

9. Ring of Lace wrap from Heartstrings Knitting Patterns

VIEW IN GALLERYRing of Lace wrap

Rather than draping a shawl lightly over your shoulders, try wearing it bunched like a delicate, detailed cowl.

10. Muscari rectangle lace shawl from Fashionworks

VIEW IN GALLERYMuscari rectanlge lace shawl

The shape of this rectangular lace is unique in a world of rounded swirls and lace loops.

11. Quatrefoil lace scarf from All Knitted Lace

VIEW IN GALLERYQuatrefoil lace scarf

Some lace knitting is so delicate that it’s hard to believe someone actually sat down and made it on knitting needles. This shawl is certainly one of those pieces!

12. Shattered Sun shawl from SweetGeorgia Yarns

VIEW IN GALLERYShattered sun shawl

A more solid ruffled edging contrasts with a lighter lace centre absolutely beautifully.

13. Aeolian shawl from Knittyspin

VIEW IN GALLERYAeolian shawl

The way this shawl resembles a fallen leaf makes it the perfect piece for warm fall days.

14. Icarus shawl from Miriam L. Felton


Not every lace piece has to be full of holes! This shawls detail is subtle but still lovely.

15. Tivoli shawl from Anniken Allis


Do you love the details in lace shawls but wish they had a little something more? This shawl pattern incorporates delicate beading for a unique twist on a classic lace style.

Do you know someone who loves making special pieces for their family by hand? Share this post with them for some lacy inspiration!