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Iced Coffee Recipes That Will Get You in the Springtime Mood

What’s more satisfying on a warm springtime morning that a flavorful, hot coffee? A flavorful iced coffee, of course! If you’re not a fan of hot drinks in the summer but you still want your morning fix, then iced coffees are definitely your answer. They’re also delicious!

Check out these awesomely unique iced coffee recipes to try out as the weather warms up.

1. Condesned milk iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYCondensed milk iced coffee

It’s a yummy Spanish tradition to top hot espresso with a couple of spoonfuls of condensed milk, but Delicious Shots reminds you that just about any good hot coffee recipe also tastes amazing cold!

2. Double-strength brewed ice coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble-strength brewed ice coffee

Martha Stewart lets you in on a little secret: starting with a double-strength brew holds up better against ice so that your iced coffee doesn’t taste watered down!

3. Vanilla iced coffee frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla iced coffee frappe

A Zesty Bite shows you how to make an iced coffee that’s more than just coffee… it’s practically a dessert!

4. Iced almond macadamia milk latte

VIEW IN GALLERYIced almond macadamia milk latte

Some Kitchen Stories‘ hilarious recipe (instructions include such gems as “Wonder how many almonds are sacrificed for nut milk every day. Cry a little”) gives you an awesome alternative to lattes that contain lots of milk. Learn how to make nut milk instead!

5. Blended iced cappuccino

VIEW IN GALLERYBlended iced cappucino

If you’re a fan of blended drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, and margaritas, then Port and Fin‘s blended iced cappuccino recipe is the one for you.

6. Cookies and cream mocha milkshake

VIEW IN GALLERYCookies and cream mocha milkshake

Yes, this is actually an iced coffee recipe. No, we won’t judge you if you drink it first thing in the morning even though it’s really more of a dessert. Averie Cookies shows you how to create this masterpiece.

7. Cold brew coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYCold brew coffee

A New Bloom shows you how to avoid the bitter taste that results from chilling hot coffee. If you brew your coffee with cold water from the beginning, the flavour is rich and smooth!

8. Salted chocolate iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYSalted chocolate iced coffee

This salted chocolate iced coffee recipe from With Salt and Wit is the perfect caffeinated treat for people who like salty-sweet flavours best.

9. Coffee ice cubes

VIEW IN GALLERYCoffee ice cubes

High Walls has a great iced coffee life hack! Brew some strong, black coffee, let it cool, and fill an ice cube tray. Freeze it, fill a tall glass with the cubes, and pour a mixture of milk and cream over them! As they melt, you’ll get a delicious coffee taste. If you prefer your lattes very strong, fill the glass half way with cold leftover coffee too.

10. Skinny caramel frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYSkinny caramel frappe

Do you love a sweet, creamy iced coffee but wish you could avoid the calories? That’s what recipes like Averie Cookies‘ skinny caramel frappe are for!

11. Cinnamon dolce iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon dolce iced coffee

Brown sugar, maple syrup, and a cinnamon stick are the secret to Kitchen Treaty‘s mouthwatering cinnamon dolce iced coffee.

12. Kahlua iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYKahlua iced coffee

Do you like to unwind after work with the occasional splash of Bailey’s in coffee during the winter? Lick My Spoon has a perfectly cool summer alternative: Kahlua iced coffee!

13. Caramel mocha coffee concentrate

VIEW IN GALLERYCaramel mocha coffee concentrate

Vitamin Sunshine teaches you how to make a naturally sweetened coffee concentrate that’s perfect for mixing up delicious iced coffees without consuming a lot of sugar.

14. Milky Vietnamese coffee popsicles

VIEW IN GALLERYMilky Vietnamese coffee popsicles

Poppytalk‘s creamy coffee popsicle recipe takes the concept of enjoying “iced coffee” very literally… and we love it!

15. To-go iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYTo-go iced coffee

Are you so in love with iced coffee that you want one even on mornings when you’re running late? Delightful-e-Made has the fast, simple recipe for you.

If you have another favourite iced coffee flavour or recipe that you don’t see here, tell us about it in the comments section!