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Adorable Baby Shower Gifts Only Needle Felters Can Make

Needle felting is an amazing skill that takes talent and precision. It’s not so hard to learn with a bit of concentration, but it sure takes practice! The final product of a needle felting project, however, it worth the time it takes. Some of the most beautiful needle felted projects are baby gifts.

Check out these needle felted baby shower gifts that your friends probably won’t get from anyone else! These projects take a range of experience, but if you’ve been felting for a while then you’ll be able to handle each one, no problem.

1. Tiny needle felted fawn

VIEW IN GALLERYCute needle felted fawn

Tiny Apartment Crafts breaks down the process of creating this adorable little deer trinket by starting with different simple shapes and felting them together.

2. DIY felted kitten stuffies

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY felted kitten stuffies

Lia Griffith shows you how to make these adorable felt kittens piece by piece. The steps are simpler than you’d think! They make perfect toys or decor until baby is big enough to play with them.

3. Needle felted sheep

VIEW IN GALLERYNeedle felted sheep

This adorable sheep makes a great toy or a decorative critter to watch over Baby and keep him safe at night. Craft Passion shows you how to make one!

4. Needle felted baby chick

VIEW IN GALLERYNeedle felted baby chick

Are you brand new to needle felting and in search of something cute but very easy? Little round animals are a great place to start! This little chick is adorable and Kawaii Felting has a step by step tutorial ready for you.

5. Little felted sunfish

VIEW IN GALLERYLittle felted sunfish

Maqaroon has the perfect tutorial for felters at a medium skill level who want to make something cute but a little unconventional!

6. Felted sleeping mouse

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted sleeping mouse

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this little sleeping mouse? Mrs. Plop shows you how to make the hardest part- the feet and legs- in this tutorial. If you’re still learning larger shapes and need to know how to make the rest of the mouse, you can find patterns on her Etsy shop!

7. Cartoon felted sheep

YouTube video

Do you like the little ram from earlier in this list, but wish he was a little more cartoon-ish rather than being so realistic? Perhaps you like the ram but making him is just a touch beyond your skill level. Try making this little sheep by Clouds of Sheep instead!

8. Felted circus lion

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted circus lion

Circus animals are an adorable addition to a baby nursery, especially when they’re handmade! Check out Craft Passion‘s awesome tutorial for making this cute little circus lion with a big heart.

9. Three owls in a nest

VIEW IN GALLERYThree owls in a nest

The Grey Woods‘ DIY kit shows you how to create these three adorable little owl babies using needle felting techniques. The kit even comes with a nest to nestle them in!

10. Felted hedgehog

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted hedgehog

This pattern by Emma Hall Art shows you step by step how to create this adorable felted hedgehog that almost looks real nestled in your hand. Babies will love the fuzzy texture.

11. Felted bumble bee

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted bumble bee

This easy felting tutorial from Sue’s Country Creations is perfect for beginners. Little rounded creations are baby friendly and easy for them to hold and move around.

12. Long haired felted kitty

VIEW IN GALLERYLong haired felted kitty

Are you a very experienced felter looking for a realistic and more decorative project? Moms will love how this gorgeous kitty cat looks in their baby’s nursery. Get the tutorial from Lily Needle Felting.

13. Felted bunny with a carrot

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted bunny and carrot

This realistic looking bunny is a gorgeous addition to any baby nursery and his bright orange carrot adds a pop of colour. Get all the details in this amazing tutorial by Black Red Dots.

14. Felted toadstool cottage

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted toadstool cottage

Are you tired of felting animals and looking to make a gift that’s a little more unique? Castle of Costa Mesa shows you how to make this adorably whimsical toadstool cottage. This little decorative piece turns a baby nursery into an enchanted forest!

15. Felted kawaii unicorn

VIEW IN GALLERYFelted Kawaii unicorn

Would you rather create an adorable whimsical creature rather than your average woodland animal? Kawaii Felting has the perfect tutorial for intermediate felters with a love for unicorns!

Do you know other needle felters who love making handmade baby shower gifts? Share this post with them for a little bit of adorable inspiration!