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15 Homemade Sushi Recipes For Date Night

Picture this: you and your beau plan a wonderful date night full of sushi at your favourite restaurant followed by the hottest new movie. A few hours beforehand, however, the weather takes a turn for the worst and the sky starts pouring rain. The two of you still want to spent time together, but you’re not longer keen on walking around downtown the way you’d planned. Why not keep your dinner and movie plans but do it all from home instead?

Check out these homemade sushi roll recipes that are absolutely perfect for a date night in.

1. Tuna and cucumber rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYTuna and cucumber rolls

These are actually two separate (but equallty delicious) types of rolls, but they’re simple enough that Japanese Cooking decided to outline the methods of making them for you all at once. Try making both so you get a bit of the fish and a bit of veggies; the best of both worlds!

2. Avocado cabbage rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYAvocado cabbage rolls

Perhaps your beau is vegetarian and prefers not to have fish in their sushi? Kiss My Borccoli has you covered for delicious veggie roll ideas that are just as flavourful. Try these ones with avocados, cabbage, shaved carrots, and asparagus.

3. Salmon crescent roll

VIEW IN GALLERYSalmon crescent roll

Making your sushi rolls at home means that you can deviate from the traditional norm a little bit in terms of what a “sushi roll” can contain! Pillsbury takes a risk by wrapping all of the ingredients for a salmon and avocado roll in a piece of crescent roll dough instead of in rice and seaweed. We’re not mad about the idea at all!

4. Philadelphia roll

VIEW IN GALLERYPhiladelphia roll

If you’re going to learn how to make sushi rolls then you might as well try some of the classics! Philadelphia rolls might be one of the most delicious options because they contain cream cheese. Get the recipe on Sushi Links!

5. Kielbasa sushi rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYKielbasa sushi rolls

Yes, you read that correctly. Take Back the Kitchen walks you through the process of making a very unconventional sushi roll indeed: one that contains kielbasa meat! It might sound a little weird to classic sushi lovers, but we think its definitely worth trying.

6. Avocado, mango, and kimchi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYAvocado, mango, and kimchi roll

Keepin’ It Kind

If you just can’t get enough spicy kimchi in your life, then rolling it into a bed of rice with slices of avocado and mango is the perfect idea for you. The flavour contraste between the Korean kimchi and the Japanese avocado mango roll sushi gives you a deliciously pan-Asian experience!

7. Everything bagel sushi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYEverything bagel sushi roll

Don’t be alarmed by the name! We’re not about to tell you how to roll sushi using entire everything flavoured bagels. The “bagel” portion of the name is a reference to the fact that people often eat smoked salmon and cream cheese, both of which are in this roll, on everything bagels, which sesame seeds and poppy seeds make these little rice rolls resemble Get the full recipe on Food Network.

8. Spicy scallops sushi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYSpicy scallops sushi roll

Shizuoka Gourmet

Adding spicy mayo to just about any roll amps up the flavour and tastes it to the next level no matter what the ingredients are. That’s exactly how this roll came to be! Spicy sauce is chopped up and smeared on small scallop portions, and that mixture is then wrapped into sushi as normal.

9. Smoked salmon sushi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYSmoked salmon sushi roll

These rolls are perfect for hard core salmon enthusiasts. They have avocado, cream cheese, and smoked salmon on the inside, just like a Philadelphia roll, but they also have the added bonus of a slice of salmon sashimi on top as well! Get the recipe on Fanpop.

10. Teriyaki chicken sushi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYTeriyaki chicken sushi roll

It’s not very often that sushi roll recipes contain meats other than fish and seafood. Usually recipes made with chicken are Americanizations of classic Japanese recipes, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less delicious! These teriyaki chicken rolls are abslutely jam packed with flavour. Get the recipe on How To Make Sushi.

11. Dragon roll


reminds you that the classics are absolutely worth learning! After all, the rolls you find commonly in Japanese sushi restaurants are popular for a reason: they’re completely delicious! Check out Just One Cook Book to learn what’s in a drag roll and why they’re worth knowing how to make just right!

12. Rainbow sushi roll

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow sushi roll

On the other hand, some sushi recipes are intended purely for novelty! We’re not saying that these little rainbow rolls only look good and don’t taste good, but we just can’t stop staring at how celebratory and  fun they look! Fina out how to make your very own rain bow sushi rolls at Tablespoon.

13. Bacon avocado sushi

VIEW IN GALLERYBacon avocado sushi

This recipe is definitely an American version of another sushi roll, but we’re by no means upset that this is a thing. Check out how to make the bacon rolls over at Peas and Crayons.

14. Spicy tuna roll

VIEW IN GALLERYSpicy tuna roll

There are actually several different ways to prepare spicy tuna rolls, but they’re all equally delicious.This recipe from The Delicious Life uses cooked tuna and spicy seasoning rather than just slapping the whole roll in spicy mayo.

15. Asparagus quinoa sushi rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYAsparagus quinoa sushi rolls

Vegan Miam shows us how to make sushi rolls using quinoa to replace the rice. This is a great way to make rolls for people with food sensitivities or meal restrictions related to veganism.

Do you know how to make another absolutely delicious homemade sushi roll that you don’t see here? Tell us about it in the comments section.