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Colorful and Funky: 15 Super Fun DIY Pom Pom Jewelry

When it comes to buying jewelry, we admit that we like to treat ourselves occasionally. If we come across a piece or accessory in a store that really holds our attention and catches our eye, we might indulge in something mass produced. Usually, however, we like to stick with our own DIY and crafting skills when it comes to accessorizing! There are just so many different styles and aesthetics or jewelry you can make yourself when you’re the one in the driver’s seat in terms of design and customization. That’s why we prefer to make our DIY jewelry unique, interesting, and a little bit funky! So, what’s our favourite technique for making jewelry that has a bit of extra character, you ask? We’re completely obsessed with pom poms right now!

Just in case you’re very into funny texture accessories as well, here are 15 of our favourite pom pom jewelry tutorials and inspirations for your perusing pleasure. Even just thinking about all of the different colour combinations and design possibilities this project presents us gets us excited about pom poms all over again!

1. Mixed size pom pom necklace


Do you have the kind of artistic eye that has always appreciated a good size contrast, whether you’re looking at interior décor, art, or accessories? In that case, we’ve found the perfect jewelry piece to make you feel like a walking work of art, with a bit of added texture and colour for excitement! The Scrap Shoppe shows you how to make a chain of multi-coloured yarn pom poms beginning with the biggest at the bottom and decreasing in size all the way up. We love that you could work with premade pom poms if necessary or make them yourself so that you get exactly the colour scheme you prefer!

2. Dangling pom pom earrings


Perhaps our favourite thing about working with pom poms is that there are different kinds of pom poms that you can use to create different aesthetics! These awesomely dangly DIY pom pom earrings from Honestly WTF are the perfect example of what we mean. If you’re looking for something a little more casual and homemade, you might prefer attaching a hand crafted yarn pom pom at each end of the metal earring; larger ones on the top by your ear lobes and bigger ones at the bottom hanging closer to your shoulders. If you prefer a trendier, more store bought look, however, then maybe you’d prefer working with brightly coloured fur pom poms in the same design instead!

3. Fur pom poms on chains


Do you love the look of the dangling pom poms hanging near your shoulders but you’re not so sure about the pom poms at the top because you’re worried the soft fabric might bother your ear lobs? Perhaps you just like the length the previous earring design has but you’d prefer that they have a little more swing to them so they really catch people’s attention. In that case, take a look at these awesome pom pom chain earrings by Lithium Magazine instead! Just like the idea above, you could make these with either handmade yarn pom poms or store bought faux fur ones.

4. Chain of floral poms


Contrary to popular believe, yarn and faux fur aren’t the only things you can make pom poms out of! Ever since we were little, we’ve loved making gathered fabric pom poms out of small material scraps layered together and pinched around each other in the centre. The reason we like them so much is that they look like little flowers when you’re finished! That’s why we think they make such pretty jewelry. Check out how this adorable blossom necklace was made on Watch Our for The Westmans. It’s got a little more of a classically feminine style than some of the other pieces on our list so far.

5. Just the pom pom earrings


Are you still pretty intrigued by the idea of making yourself pom pom earrings but you’re not so sure that you want yours hanging down all the way to your shoulders because they might annoy you? In that case, why not make yourself a fun pair of earrings from just the pom poms? Hungry Hippie Sews shows you how easy it is to attack an earring hook to one of the fringes using some malleable jewelry wire.

6. Multi-dangling pom poms


Here’s a particularly unique look using ind a small pom pom but in a way that also puts your wire shaping and embroidery wrapping skills to good use. Check out how DIY in PDX made these fun dangling earrings that look almost like tiny hanging chandeliers.

7. Pretty yarn pom pom bracelet


Have you already made yourself a beautiful yarn pom pom necklace like the ones we showed you above but you’re a big fan of matching sets and you just don’t feel complete without a matching bracelet to go with it? In that case, this easy pom pom and chain bracelet from Jasmine Blanc Boutique is definitely the one for you! Make it with pom poms in the same colour as your necklace for a directly matching set or choose some contrasting colours for a look that’s cohesive but a little brighter.

8. Single pretty floral pom


Did you fall in love with the floral pom poms we showed you earlier on our list but your personal style is a little more subtle and you’re not sure you want that many in one place? Then why not make a yourself a necklace that harnesses the prettiness of those pom poms without overwhelming the look by only using one? Alejandra’s Style has just the idea for you! They show you how to make a necklace that uses a single floral pom pom as a pendant rather than a bib style accessory.

9. Pom poms and tassel earrings


Are you actually so into the idea of making jewelry from yarn that you’d like to add even more yarn detail than just a DIY pom pom attached to an earring hook? Well, we think that’s a great idea and so does By BMG! They’ve added a homemade yarn tassel to the look by gathering yarn, folding it on half, and wrapping another piece around the middle. They’ve actually paired their tassels with furry crafting pom poms, but you could make your own mini yarn ones if you really wanted to hit the yarn crafted idea home!

10. Sparkly pom poms on a slip necklace


Are you an avid yarn crafter with an eclectic collection of ends and some of them are novelty things with sparkles in them that you probably wouldn’t make a whole sweater or blanket of them? In that case, pom poms are the perfect way for you to use that yarn up! If you’re looking for something that you can make together with your kids, however, working with chains and jewelry wire isn’t the most advisable plan because you’ll need tools and sometimes those things have sharp edges. Instead, try helping them make a slip necklace by wrapping slip knots around the main string that you’ve strung through the pom poms, just like Bebe and Bear did here. The best part about this necklace is that you can include as many or as few pom poms as you please, and in whatever colours or sizes you like best!

11. Fully pommed collar necklace


Have you found a bag of colour gradient pom poms that you’ve just been itching to use? Perhaps you have some tiny yarn ends left from a colour gradient knitting kit that aren’t quite long enough to make nice fluffy classic pom poms out of but you’re still intent on using them? Then maybe creating little wrapped balls of yarn that look like small store bought pom poms is your best bet! Either way, small poms glued across a fabric base cut to resemble a collar is a great way to make an awesomely textured bib necklace or faux collar accessory. Check out how True Blue, Me and You made this piece by arranging the tightly wrapped ball poms according to how they’d flow through the colour wheel!

12. Pom poms and feathers on a leather thong


If you’re going to add visual and tactile texture to your jewelry piece, why not go all out and create an awesome contrast using two different materials? We absolutely love the way Bebe and Bear combined both yarn pom poms and feathers to created a fun, whimsical look that holds a little more excitement than a regular necklace pendant. It’s also an awesome opportunity to mix fun colours, especially if you use variegated yarn and multi-coloured feathers!

13. Triple pom pom chain earrings


Are you still thinking about the different chain pom pom earrings designs we showed you before and wondering why they caught your attention a little but, but you’re not quite sold on the idea yet because you really like an attention grabbing look when you accessorize? In that case, check out these adorable triple pom pom chain earrings instead! Rather than just one pom at the bottom and the top, Homemade Banana shows you how to attach one half way between those two as well, giving them a big of extra character and swing.

14. Anthrpologie inspired gray scale pom pom necklace


Perhaps you’re fine with a simple chain strung pom pom necklace idea but what’s really important to you is the colour combination that you choose, to properly build the aesthetic you’re going for? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at the way Artzy Creations established a gray scale look by working in all different dark toned shades ranging from black, through dark and medium grays and on into light gray in the centre. This is a great way to add character to something that you want to keep subtle and understated in the pigment department.

15. Pom poms and beads kids craft necklace


Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to find pom pom jewelry ideas that you can make with your kids but you haven’t quite seen one that you think will hold their attention for the afternoon? Then here’s an awesome, doubly fun idea for your consideration! We think this design is an extra good time for kids to make because, besides using just the pom poms, your kids will get create with placing and stringing beads as well! Try making simple, straight across necklaces to start and then, if your kids are ready for a bit more of a challenge, check out how Chaos Served Daily created this awesome flower shape with their pom poms and some string!