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Want To Decorate Your Flower Pots? Try These Ideas!

So you bought classic terra cotta flower pots, but they all look the same. What now? A creative spirit like yourself surely can’t make peace with that! Perhaps you want to decorate them with some glitter? Fabric? Chalkboard paint? We are here to tell you about some amazing, simple, DIY ideas for decorating your flower pots!

These ideas make your flower pots stand out while still drawing attention to your lovely plants! A winning combination!

Nail Polish

VIEW IN GALLERYnail polish

Grab your favorite colors from your big nail polish collection and use them to beautify your flower pots! Every pot will look unique and different; you will be surprised by all the different shapes and color mixes! All you need for this project is a bucket of water, nail polish and, of course, flower pots. Yes, it’s that simple. Hello Glow shares the how-to!

Gold Dipped


When you bring golden paint to the table, things get real! Use it to make your flower pots look incredibly noticeable and sophisticated. They will look like a decorative element in and of itself, so it’s especially useful if you’re keeping your plants inside. Visit Pottery Barn to see how it’s done!

Rustic Succulent Pots


You love all things rustic, but you haven’t been able to find a functional rustic flower pot yet. How about transforming a new flower pot into a rustic one? Yes, it can be done! PinkWhen tells you how!

Chalkboard Flower Pot

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Flower Pot

The best part about chalkboard paint is that it’s usable for basically everything. Flower pots are no exception. Make your flower pot not just a home for your lovely plants, but also a tiny message board! Write on them a beautiful message for yourself or for somebody else – this idea makes a wonderful gift! Check out Lanie J. and Co. for instructions!

Drip Painted

VIEW IN GALLERYDrip Painted flower pot

If you’re not a fan of coloring inside the lines, this idea is perfect for you! Why color the entire pot with just one color when you can bring into it some dynamic, fun and messiness! Clever Nest tells you how to make a flower pot that gives the illusion of dripping paint. We love it!

Footprint Butterfly


An incredibly cute idea that requires the help of a little toddler! They will surely love being part of the process and usually the messier they can get, the happier they are. So the end result is a beautiful, personalized flower pot and a happy toddler?! Win-win! Mama.Papa.Bubba. shares the tutorial!

Gold Foil Lettering + Glitter

VIEW IN GALLERYGolden glitter

You can never have enough gold! Nest of Posies knows that! Write a sassy message on your pots or just dress them up into some golden glitter. Turn your flower pots into true golden girls and may they reflect your sassy, sparkly soul!

Fabric Flower Pots

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Flower Pots

Why not just wrap your pots into good old fabric?! Didn’t think about that, did you? Lucky for all of us, Christine Chitnis did! You will only need 4 things to complete this craft, so it’s super easy and definitely not time consuming. We don’t doubt that you already have your favorite fabric picked out, perhaps a leftover from another DIY project, so get to work!

Stenciled Pots


Paint the pots to your favorite color and then use a stencil with a pattern of choice! You can opt for something simple, like Practically Functional did, or you can pick a more complex pattern! Either way, your pots will look dashingly beautiful!

Lace Flower Pots


Lace is always that magical “ingredient” that makes everything look elegant and fresh! Use it to prettify your flower pots and make them look one hundred percent Instagram-worthy! A Beautiful Mess guides you through, step by step.



Do you absolutely adore mosaics? We have good news for you! You can turn a boring terra cotta pot into a dynamic mosaic! Visit Better Homes and Gardens to find out how! Nobody will be able to tell that you haven’t bought it from a garden store!

Painted Glitter Planters


Yes, using glitter means you will be finding it everywhere for the next few weeks, but it also means your flower pots will look sparkly and fabulous! Who doesn’t want that?! Visit The Crafted Life for instructions!