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Delicious Fancy Recipes For The Coffee Lover Who Needs a Change

Most people enjoy a good morning coffee, and some people even like to have one in the evening too. Unless you’re a creature of habit, though, you might get tired of having the same roast with the same number of creams and sugars every day.

Why not switch things up a little? Check out these delicious gourmet coffee recipes for days when you feel like treating yourself!

1. Iced vanilla latte

VIEW IN GALLERYIce vanilla latte

(Source: At the Picket Fence)

Are you absolutely in love with your Keurig coffee machine? This recipe is perfect for using your K-cups as the base for a delicious vanilla flavoured iced beverage.

2. Raspberry coffee frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYRaspberry coffee frappe

(Source: BHG)

Raspberry lovers rejoice! This delicious fruity coffee blends your favourite berry flavour with good coffee creaminess.

3. Walnut coffee frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYWalnut coffee frappe

(Source: 4th Sense Cooking)

As long as you’re not allergic to nuts, this delicious walnut frappe is the perfect treat to start your day.

4. Easy peppermint mocha

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy peppermint mocha

(Source: A Night Owl)

Whether you’re looking for special coffees to serve on Christmas eve or just missing winter flavours in the middle of July, this peppermint mocha recipe is easy enough to whip up any time!

5. S’mores iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYSmores ice coffee

(Source: A Night Owl)

Do you love the flavour of campfire s’mores but you don’t have the time to roast them right now? Make this delicious iced coffee treat instead!

6. Nutella blended coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYNutella blended coffee

(Source: Around My Family Table)

What’s better than a good, flavourful coffee? One full of hazelnut Nutella goodness, of course!

7. Mocha coconut iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYMocha coconut iced coffee

(Source: How Sweet Eats)

This mixture of chocolate and coconut flavours makes the perfect coffee treat for summertime.

8. Italian cream iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYItalian cream iced coffee

(Source: The Vintage Modern Wife)

Some mornings you just need a sweet, creamy snack. Treat yourself with this deliciously classic Italian blend.

9. Homemade gingerbread latte

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade gingerbread latte

(Source: Mom Advice)

This delectable ginger flavoured drink is perfect for Christmas eve, especially if you pair it with some gingerbread cookies!

10. Cinnamon dolce latte


(Source: Alphabet Soup)

Cinnamon is the perfect flavour for a chilly fall morning. This recipe uses brown sugar, making it particularly sweet.

11. Caramel mocha latte

VIEW IN GALLERYCaramel mocha latte

(Source: A Night Owl)

What’s better than a delicious mocha latte? That same chocolate flavour mixed with rich caramel, of course!

12. Chocolate cherry jubilee frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate cherry jubilee frappe

(Source: Peanut Butter and Peppers)

Are chocolate covered cherries your absolute favourite treat? Carry that delicious flavour over into your morning coffee with this recipe!

13. Skinny salted caramel mocha frappe

VIEW IN GALLERYSkinny slated caramel mocha frappe

(Source: Flour on My Face)

This recipe might be “skinny”, meaning it has less calories, but that sure doesn’t mean it has less flavour! Salty and sweet ingredients are the perfect balance here.

14. Boozy coffee milkshake

VIEW IN GALLERYBoozy coffee milkshake

(Source: A Night Owl)

This coffee is a literal treat. It’s more of an after-work milkshake than a coffee, if we’re being honest, but we think it still counts!

15. Horchata iced coffee

VIEW IN GALLERYHorchata iced coffee

(Source: A Night Owl)

Horchata is a Latino drink involving cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. What better flavours to combine with your morning coffee to mix things up a little?

Do you have a favourite specialty coffee that you don’t see here? Tell us all about it in the comments section!