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Fall Inspired DIY Beauty Products to Pamper Yourself With

Okay, we’ll admit it: we really like to pamper ourselves when it comes to things like home spa treatments and self care. In fact, we treat ourselves to relaxation nights pretty regularly all year round. It gives us some calming personal time, helps us care for our skin and other features, and lets us get a little crafty and DIY with our beauty regime thanks to the thousands of amazing natural recipes for all kinds of beauty related products. In the fall, however, we find it particularly important to pamper our skin, hair, nails, and other features given the dry whether and the occasional need for a good pick me up in the midst of colder, darker weather.

Check out these amazingly themed or scented DIY beauty products that are absolutely perfect for giving yourself a little bit of seasonal love when it comes to self care and beauty regimes!

1. Pumpkin, almond oil, brown sugar, and honey face mask

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin, almond oil, brown sugar, and honey face mask

As long as you don’t have a nut allergy, this recipe is perfect for you if you love the smell of both pumpkins and sweet, sugary things! It’s a face mask designed to shrink pores and tighten your skin, but the sugar added will also act as a light exfoliate when you wash it off. Check out the recipe in more detail on Alyssa and Carla.

2. Pumpkin and Greek yogurt face mask

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin puree

Do you love the idea of using a pumpkin scented face mask, but you also recognize that pumpkin contains several beneficial properties when it comes to clearing out your pores and giving your skin some healthy antibacterial treatment? Then check out this pumpkin puree and Greek yogurt face mask! The yogurt gives it a great creamy texture that lets you apply the mask evenly to all parts of your face. See what we mean on In Style.

3. Pumpkin exfoliate with clay and cinnamon

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin exfoliator with clay and cinnamon

Are clay exfoliates your absolute favourite? We’re pretty partial to them as well, but we didn’t realize how easy it is to make them at home. This amazingly fall themed pumpkin spice face mask recipe from Wellness Mama features cinnamon to revitalize your skin’s elasticity and give the mask a little bit of scrubbing power when you wash it off afterwards.

4. Pumpkin cream mask

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin cream mask

This pumpkin cream mask is easily the creamiest and easiest to apply recipe yet. Many people enjoy using skin milks as a way to rehydrate their skin and this mask is no exception. The pumpkin ingredient adds an antibacterial element and it also makes the whole recipe smell amazing! See how it’s made on Easy to Make Face Masks.

5. Pumpkin spice lip scrub

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin spice lip scrub

Do you love the idea of a sugar based lip scrub but you’re not really that into the idea of a vanilla and brown sugar scent because it doesn’t remind you enough of fall? Well, we’re absolutely certain that this pumpkin spice version from Citizens of Beauty will! It both smells and tastes like fall and, on top of that, it actually works well on your lips too.

6. DIY honey cinnamon lip scrub

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY honey cinnamon lip scrub

Maybe you love the smell of cinnamon in the pumpkin spice recipe but you’re not that fond of the smell of pumpkins? Try this alternative cinnamon recipe from The Hippy Homemaker instead! We love the way they’ve added a touch of honey from a little extra sweetness. It’ll also help with keeping your lips hydrated and smooth.

7. DIY pumpkin spice lip balm

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY pumpkin spice lip balm

Do you love those rounded Eos lip balms that have been trending the last few years, but you’ve never encountered a pumpkin spice scented version for sale near you? Well, usually the answer to that problem is using your DIY skills to make your own! Check out how Karina Garcia created this smoothly hydrating and richly spicy lip chap that smells like fall and will help keep your lips form drying out in cold weather.

8. Chocolate mint lip balm

VIEW IN GALLERYChoclate mint lip balm

We love the smell of chocolate and the smell of mint any time of the year, but when you combine the two it definitely makes us think of fall. Our mind goes straight to the thought of drinking warm mint hot chocolates after a chilly day of outdoor skating! Preserve that fond autumn and winter feeling by making yourself this all natural chocolate mint lip balm by Craftberry Bush.

9. Fall leaf balm

VIEW IN GALLERYFall leaf balm

Are you pretty easygoing about how your lip balm smells or tastes as long as it’s cute and does its job? Then we think perhaps you’ll find this adorable maple leaf lip balm design amusing! It resembles a trendy Eos balm again and the balm does just as good a job, but it also features the shape of an adorable red leaf in the middle, just to make you feel extra seasonal each time you use it. Check out how to make your own on Aira Tran.

10. DIY pumpkin shea butter

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY pumpkin shea butter

If you find that you get very dry skin in the fall and winter months then perhaps the thing you need most is a smooth, creamy shea butter to keep cry areas like your elbows and knees hydrated? We love the idea of making your own shea butter any time, but we’re also thankful that Crafts Unleashed has this awesome smelling pumpkin version for us to enjoy in the autumn months!

11. Homemade apple and pumpkin spice lotion


Soap Deli News guides you through the process of making your own body lotion from all natural ingredients, pretty much guaranteeing that, as long as you don’t have any allergies or food sensitivities, it’ll be healthier for your skin this fall. Apple and pumpkin spice (featuring cinnamon for an extra fall-like scent) are the perfect ingredients, if you ask us.

12. Gingerbread body butter

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread body butter

Is one of the things you look forward to most when fall comes the taste of gingerbread cookies and houses and the smell of them baking wafting through your kitchen into the rest of your home? Well, lucky for you, Frugal Mom Eh has an awesome body butter recipe that mimics the smell perfectly and will remind you of that warm autumn feeling all day each time you wear it.

13. Pumpkin spice soap

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin spice soap

Maybe you already have enough body butters, lotions, and lip scrubs to last you a lifetime and the thing you’re really hoping to make yourself this year is a good, cleansing bar of soap? Don’t worry, those can be homemade naturally and smell like your favourite awesome fall scents too! See how Happiness is Homemade  created these bars that smell just like pumpkin spice.

Do you have another favourite DIY beauty product that smells like or reminds you of fall but you don’t see it on our list? Tell us all about how you usually make it in the comments section!