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Amazing DIY Crochet Summer Dresses

The only thing better than a light and wonderfully radiant summer dress is a dress you can be proud to say you made from scratch. We come across thousands of interesting and inspiring crochet dress-making ideas, but it’s only on occasion that we’re genuinely blown away and just have to share our discoveries with our readers.

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As you can see, these dress designs really are the very essence of summertime magic. Delicate, radiant and timelessly elegant from top to bottom, quality crochet dresses like these never fail to sell for big-bucks in designer stores. Which is precisely why there’s so much to be said for making your own at home – you’ll save money, you’ll produce something 100% unique and you’ll have a fantastic time in the process!

Summer Dresses: Best Patterns, Tutorials and Ideas

Throughout this page, you’ll find links to our own personally-selected highlights sourced from all over the web. Some patterns are free while others are paid, but in each instance what you get out of the project is guaranteed to be so much more than you put in. What’s more, you’ll also find a free video tutorial just below – a visual guide to the basics of creating a summer dress or cover-up that can be adapted in literally infinite ways.

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1. This paid pattern from Art Fire is worth every penny – a simply stunning dress design.

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2. As you can see, dresses as stunning as these fetch pretty hefty prices in stores. This long crochet cover up goes goes for $75 on BostonProper.

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3. Over at Stranaman, you’ll find an insanely pretty summer dress idea and a free guide.

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4. Woman7 is also a great resource for inspiration and features a free pattern (Russian translation required)

VIEW IN GALLERYsexy crochet summer dress

5. Mizrah has shared a breathtakingly colorful summer dress design, along with a free pattern.

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6. For those preferring a more vibrant mix of colors, this stunning design worn by Candice Swanepoel in the Agua Bendita Summer Lookbook 2011 is an absolute winner.

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7. There’s actually a very fine line between a stunning summer dress and the most elegant crochet wedding dress imaginable. Take a look at the examples over at Ravelry for endless inspiration.

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet wedding gown VIEW IN GALLERYDIY crochet wedding dress

8. Uncinetto d’oro features a sleek and sexy semi-transparent summer dress design that’s just perfect for the beach.

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9. Crochetemoda also has a fantastic beach-ready look to share.

VIEW IN GALLERYgolden crochet summer dress VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet summer dress in gold yarn VIEW IN GALLERYbeautiful crochet dress for summer

10. This elegant crochet summer eveningwear is covered in style by the folks at Woman7.

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