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15 Ways To Us That Old Dollar Store Canvas

If you’re anything like us, you’re always stocking up on basic craft supplies before you can use them, especially if they’re cheap or on sale. For painters, one of the easiest things to overstock in your home is cheap canvases. They’re only a dollar at the Dollar Store, after all! Sometimes, however, having a few extra of something is useful because it motivates you to try a new kind of project that will definitely use it. For example, seeing inspiration photos of adorable canvas art might motivate you to get some simple painting done with those spare canvases of your own!

1. Triangular canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangular canvas art

Thrifty Crafty Girl shows you the beauty solid colours and geometric shapes in order to give the room a modern and subtly edgy atmosphere. Besides your canvas, all you need is paint, a paint brush, and maybe some tape to ensure the lines of your geometric shapes her straight. If you get to the end of painting one canvas and absolutely adore it, grab your next spare canvas and paint a corresponding one!

2. Painted “brick” canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted A Taste of Stylish Grace shows you how to create these rainbow “brick” walls in just a few  easy steps! Start by painting colours across the canvas however you please, in whatever strokes you feel like using. Once that’s dry, place tape across the canvas in the brick lay pattern, at whichever angle you prefer, and paint over it with white. When everything is thoroughly dry, remove the tape and voila!

3. Tiny butterflies canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny butterflies canvas art

We absolutely adore the way the butterflies dissipate out from tone concentrated corner. This design featured on The Canvas Factory is made with great attention to detail, but cutting out the individual butterflies from pretty craft paper and pasting them across a painted canvas.

4. Polka dot circle tree

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka dot circle tree

Crafts by Amanda suggests using a rounded paint sponge to create the circles in this decorative tree design. The round sponge helps you keep each colour as circular as possible so they don’t warp into ovals like if you free hand them with a paint brush. Use regular brushes for the tree and fine tipped brushes for the little white polka dots!

5. Herringbone wall art

VIEW IN GALLERYHerringbone wall art

This canvas design by Burlap and Blue is created by using Mod Podge to affix strips of decorative crafting paper at different angles across a canvas. You could also use strips of leftover all paper if you preferred!

6. Decorative ruler canvas

VIEW IN GALLERYDecorative ruler canvas

The Country Chic Cottage shows you how to create a vintage looking canvas print of your own using an old thrift store canvas (or a plain one from the dollar store will work) as a base and covering it with gorgeous craft paper in a design of your choice. Once you’ve smoothed and fastened the paper over the canvas like you see in the picture, it’ll look like a painting!

7. Paint chip canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYPaint chip canvas art

This adorable paint chip art by Mod Podge Rocks is created by painting a colour gradient separated by straight lines made with tape. The colour names and number are white craft paper punched out and applied with mod podge. Try make a few for your apartment in all different colours!

8. Nautical anchor art

VIEW IN GALLERYNautical anchor art

This canvas art from Crafts by Courtney features a wooden anchor that has been carefully painted and glued to the canvas using strong craft glue. Fill the rest of the space with simple horizontal lines like this one, or whichever nautical-themed shapes and painting techniques you think will look best!

9. Vibrant button tree canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYvibrant button tree canvas art

Besides being gorgeously painted, this canvas tree art catches our eye for upcycling colourful buttons of all sizes! This is the perfect way to use all those spare buttons you’ve been hoarding from new clothing tags all these years! Crafts by Amanda shows you how it’s done.

10. Superhero canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYSuperhero canvas art

Whether you choose to cover the canvas in comic book patterned wrapping and crafting paper or actual pages from comic books is up to you. Mod Podge Rocks shows you how to lay the comic base on a very big canvas and then repeat the process on smaller canvasses that you can attach to the surface of the larger one for a 3D effect that really jumps out at you!

11. Poster to canvas art

VIEW IN GALLERYPoster to Canvas Art

Covering a canvas with a posted might sound like the simplest project ever, but it’s worth taking a few minutes to do if you have a gorgeous poster or print that you’d like to display more nicely than just pinned flat against your wall! Beach Brights has you covered for instructions.

12. Driftwood monogram art

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood monogram art

To create this gorgeously rustic design by The Country Chic Cottage, you’ll need a canvas and some paint, drift wood in various lengths, and strong crafting glue. Position the driftwood to create whatever letter you like!

13. Stenciled botanicals on canvas

VIEW IN GALLERYStenciled botanicals on canvas

These simple plant themed stencils create an effect on small canvasses that resembles a fossil! We’re in love with the look. Get tips on how to do it from Crafts by Amanda.

14. Love bird in a heart tree

VIEW IN GALLERYLove bird in a heart tree

Crafts by Amanda walks you through the process of choosing an inspiration design online and recreating it yourself with pencil drawing techniques and paint. Keep your details the same as the picture to make an exact recreation of an image you love, or change it up to customize your art to fit your space!

15. Mini animal canvas

VIEW IN GALLERYMini animal canvas

If you’re looking for canvas art that’s a little more whacky and out there, this design by Mod Podge Rocks sure fits the bill! Cover the front half of a plastic animal toy in bright neon paint and a blank canvas in a contrasting colour of neon paint as well. Glue the animal in the centre and mount it on your wall, like you might do with an old fashioned hunting trophy.

Have you created other types of canvas art that you don’t see here? Tell us about your design in the comments section!