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Find Your Inner Peace with These DIY Zen Gardens

The tempo of our life is faster than ever and it’s nearly impossible to find a person unaffected by stress. Between commuting to work, carpooling kids, making dinner and keeping the household in order, it’s difficult to find some peace and quiet. Zen gardens are known to help with that and this is an amazing opportunity to try them out yourself and see what happens! Start with these DIY Zen gardens and seek some inner peace!

Zen Garden with Beaded Cacti

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Zen Gardens don’t have to be boring or too traditional if that’s not your style. You can add something modern and edgy to it – these beaded cacti are a perfect example! They bring something energetic into the calmness. Live Craft Love will show you how to make this lovely garden!

Office Zen Garden

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If your work environment is stressing you out, Elyanna Ivette may have something that could help you! It’s a Zen garden for your office! Its blue colors have a calming effect and will help you improve your focus! It also looks like a great addition to any workspace, just saying!

Succulent Zen Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYsucculent zen garden

We love succulents! While they may be low maintenance, they will surely add some welcome greenery to your white and bright Zen garden while still keeping it minimalistic. This idea comes from Dwell Beautiful and we absolutely adore its clean and serene look!

Mini Zen Garden

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The whole point of Zen gardens, aside from having a calming effect, is to be convenient to your personal space. If you only have a small place on your table to fill, don’t worry; you can totally make a smaller version of a Zen garden. Nous Décor has some wonderful inspiration!

Mini Beach Zen Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYmini beach zen garden

If you’re not feeling too spiritual and Zen-ish, but you’re still fascinated by the concept of a Zen garden and want to try one out, here’s a little twist on it! Why not play around and make it into a special setting that will feel relaxing to you? A mini beach is a great place to start! See the video tutorial by Idunn Goddess!

Square Zen Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYsquare zen garden

This small, square Zen garden will fit just about anywhere! Its size and shape are very convenient so you can place it on your office desk or living room coffee table and it won’t feel like it’s in the way! If anything, it will serve as a constant reminder to be more mindful and take a moment just for yourself. Polymomo Tea shows you how to make it!

Zen Garden with Stones

VIEW IN GALLERYzen garden with stones

To give your Zen garden some extra powers, place in some crystals and stones! It’s entirely up to you which ones you will use, as you have all the freedom in the world! But you can still peek at Confessions of an Overworked Mom and find out how they made it happen!

Black and White Zen Garden


If you’re craving some yin yang vibes, this black and white Zen garden by Garden Therapy comes pretty close! Its peaceful effect is not to be underestimated! It will also look as a beautiful décor element in and of itself, so it’s an overall win!

Dark Zen Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYdark zen garden

People are different and while some may find the white and bright colors super calming, others need the dark to relax their mind. If you’re the nocturnal type or just a lover of darker things, here’s a Zen garden for you to try! Find out more at The Merry Thought!

Mother’s Day Zen Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYmother's day zen garden

Every day should be Mother’s Day. Moms are the most loving souls, but easily the most tired ones too! Whether you are a mom yourself or just want to do something nice for your mother, this Zen garden by Brit + Co is a great way to bring some relaxation into any mom’s schedule! You know what they say; if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!