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11 Creative DIY Tote Bags

Tote bags are currently one of the most popular items out there! They are light, practical, have a big volume and they’re really great for the environment. So whether you’re into green living or just have a lot of things that don’t fit into any other purse of yours – you’ve come to the right place! We’re presenting you with 11 amazing and creative DIY tote bags that you can make in the comfort of your own home and then present them to the world as you go out and about!

1. Minimalist Tote Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYMinimalist Tote Bag

A simple and minimalist bag that looks very fashionable and manages to catch the eye! Visit Design Sponge to see how you can make one for yourself! Fill it with your favorite magazines or use it instead of a shopping bag while hunting for some new clothes!

2. Beach Tote Bag


Totes are great companions, because you can take them everywhere – that includes the beach! If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the sun is currently shining with all its warmth, you absolutely have to make use of this tote bag! Need instructions? A Field Journal has them! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

3. 30-minute Tote Bag


Just because you’re super busy doesn’t mean you don’t get to be on the tote bag bandwagon. Of course you do! Follow the tutorial on Babble and you will have this beauty ready to go in only 30 minutes!!

4. T-shirt Tote Bag


Moms always have the best advice and the best ideas (admit it!) which is why it’s no surprise that this simple idea comes from MommyPotamus. Turn that old T-Shirt that was your companion for a really long time into a tote bag that will be your companion for even longer!

5. Shirt & Tie Tote Bag


Hey who says totes are only for girls and women?! They’re definitely not! This cute tote bag by Make It & Love It proves the point! Make it for your special little boy that can’t wait to be an adult or for the man in your life that always looks for excuses not to get the groceries!

6. Dish Towel Tote Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYDish Towel Tote Bag

This amazing idea comes from Spool and Spoon! Everybody owns at least a few dish towels so make a great use of them and create this super chic tote! Making tote bags trumps doing the dishes, any day!

7. Quote Tote


You know it’s good when it rhymes! If you’re obsessed with your favorite quotes from movies, books or influential people, then why not carry this inspiration everywhere you go?! Made provides you with a detailed tutorial!

8. Placemat Tote Bag


Another useful item you can find in your own kitchen (or at the store, since they are definitely cheaper than actual tote bags)! Head over to Hello Glow to see how this Coachella-inspired tote bag is made! Your inner hippie will love you.

9. Shower Curtain Tote Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYShower Curtain Tote Bag

By now you have probably figured out that you can use almost any material you have in your house to make a tote bag. Shower curtains are no exception. Perhaps you love your shower curtains so much you want to take them grocery shopping with you? Now you can! Send your thank you note to Brit+Co!

10. Coffee Sack Tote Bag


For all the coffee lovers, also known as coffee addicts – it’s okay, we can relate! The Merry Thought guides you through the making of this incredibly unique tote bag! Warning: you will probably get some jealous looks from other coffee lovers!

11. Chevron Tote Bag


When Adele sang “We could have had it aaaaall,” she was singing about this bag. Why settle on one fabric when you can just have them all?! This gorgeous tote bag will require some time, dedication and patience, but the end result will look super modern and fashionable! It’s dynamic, it’s innovative, it’s full of everything. Fabric Paper Glue kindly shares the how-to!

Now you see that making a tote bag is totes simple and the results are totes amazing! Enjoy your new bag!