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Your Child’s New Favorite Toy: Snuggly and Plushy DIY Teddy Bears

If there ever was a toy that made happy a multitude of children, a teddy bear must be it. We all had that special teddy (usually named Teddy) that we liked to squeeze to ourselves and it instantly made us feel safe. If you are a parent you surely know the value of a loved teddy bear, one that must come with you wherever you go, just in case your little one will need to calm down. Teddy bears are our first friends and companions, so let’s make them for our children as well and continue the tradition of plushy little bears making children happy. Check out these snuggly DIY teddy bears!

Baby Pajama Teddy Bear 


Babies grow so fast they outgrow their clothes from month to month! If you are wondering how you can repurpose some of the outgrown clothes, here’s an amazing idea by PA Country Crafts. Turn your baby’s small pajama into an adorable teddy bear that they will get to squeeze for many years!

Fleece Teddy Bear 


A soft fleece teddy bear with its arms outstretched, as if welcoming you into a hug, is something every child will grow incredibly fond of. When you think about it, it is such a privilege to be able to make your child’s very best friend – all by yourself and with a little help from Instructables!

Smiley Teddy Bear


A smiley faced toy for a smiley faced boy! This cuter-than-cute teddy bear will surely bring a smile not just to a baby’s face but to momma’s face as well! Sometimes the cuteness overload is just what we need when dealing with the diapers! Find more details at Sew Toy.

Pink Teddy Bear


You might say that a big pink teddy bear is a cliché gift for a newborn and while you would be right, there’s no arguing with the fact that sometimes cliché gifts are the absolute best, as they maintain the feeling of tradition. Visit How Joyful Blog and learn how you can make this lovely pink teddy!

Simple Teddy Bear


This simple teddy bear is the perfect snuggle buddy for your little toddler and possibly you, too! Something about stuffed toys has the power to make us feel calm and secure; at the end of the day we all remain children at heart. Head over to Shiny Happy World to see the tutorial.

Charming Dotted Teddy Bear 


For a more unconventional and just a bit untraditional teddy bear go with this charming plushy by Stitchless TV. It is colorful, dotted and super likable! For the little rockstar in the making, this is just the toy to run with!

Cute Plushy Teddy Bear 


The softer the plushy, the cozier and comfier your baby’s sleep will be as they are cuddled up right next to it! Budget Hobby shares the tutorial for the ultimate soft and adorable teddy bear that you will love so much you will soon want to make one for yourself as well!

Valentine’s Teddy Bear 


Valentine’s Day is a day full of huggable teddy bears, ones that usually carry a message of love for your chosen Valentine. If you want to make this year’s gift truly unique, visit your Alitoysa and learn how you can make a teddy bear that Cupid would approve of! We’re sure your significant other will feel incredibly special!

Knitted Teddy Bear 


Knitting for our children is always an endearing experience for every crafty parent. Making something just for your little ones while relaxing at the same time is considered a time well spent! Check in with Ravelry to see the pattern for this handsome little knitted teddy bear!

Magic Loop Teddy Bear 


Another teddy bear for knitting enthusiasts and we promise it’s not a complicated one! These teddy bears will steal your heart before you know it and when you soon find yourself packing Mr. and Mrs. Teddy even for a quick grocery run, send a gift basket to Simply Notable!