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DIY Polka Dot Projects: Fun, Dynamic and Colorful! 

How fun are polka dots?! If you ever want to quickly decorate something in a way that really makes it lively and energetic, polka dots are always the safest bet! You can use them to decorate absolutely anything, as they look beautiful on any surface and element. If you are looking for some ideas how to best implement them in your life, here is our selection of fun and dynamic DIY polka dot projects for every taste and style!

1. Polka Dot Bedroom Wall 


Is your little one complaining that their bedroom is looking a little too plain and empty? Decorate the walls with polka dots! You can see at Oh Oh Blog that decorating even just one wall is going to make an incredible difference and take the room from boring to bubbly!

2. Polka Dot Garland


Garlands are one of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate your home for a party. Make a polka dot garland to truly capture the essence of fun! You can play around with different sizes and color shades of the dots, following the inspiration at Glorious Treats!

3. Polka Dot Acorns 


Living in our technology-filled world often makes us forget that nature can provide us with some of the most adorable decor pieces and our creativity gives us the freedom to tweak them to our taste! Did you know acorns have the loveliest decorative potential? Check out how Lauren McKinsey dressed them up in polka dots!

4. Polka Dot Art


Being in touch with your creativity is a great way to stay in touch with your inner child. Set aside some time for a painting party with your friends and challenge yourselves to make polka dot art inspired by Lines Across! Don’t be afraid to make a mess, it’s all part of the process!

5. Polka Dot Wrapping Paper


You don’t need an expensive wrapping paper to wrap your gifts in a trendy way. A simple crafting paper that you can decorate at home will suffice! Style Caster will show you how to decorate it with pretty polka dots to create a minimalistic but dynamic look.

6. Polka Dot Napkins 


Whether you have guests coming over or not, a neatly set up table is always a joy to see and an even bigger joy to eat at! If you’ve been noticing that some of your napkins are a little bit plain and you want to give them a charming update, Freautcake has the perfect tutorial for you!

7. Polka Dot Tights 


Polka dots won’t just serve you in the world of home decor, they can really come through for you in your fashion choices as well! Is there a pair of tights that has been sitting in the closet for far too long because you simply don’t find it stylish anymore?  This Heart of Mine comes to the rescue!

8. Polka Dot Mugs 


Drinking from a beautiful mug is not to be underestimated. It’s a big part of the morning experience, regardless of what hot beverage you start your day with! Get some plain mugs that are on discount and use the tutorial by I Love to Create to turn them into floral, polka-dotted beauties!

9. Polka Dot Luggage Tags


Traveling the world is one of the greatest experiences in life but wherever you travel, you always have to make sure you travel in style! Say goodbye to the ugly luggage tags that look the same as all the rest – see how polka dots can make them better at Lovely Indeed!

10. Polka Dot Bodysuit 


Little babies are adorable enough as they are, but if you add polka dots to their outfits, the cuteness factor can only grow! Life with my Littles is going to show you how you can decorate your baby’s bodysuit with big sparkly polka dots that will make your tiny one glow!

11. Polka Dot Hat 


When vacation time comes around, take polka dots with you! If you’re going to be traveling to a warm location for your next getaway, you’re going to need a big hat to protect you from the sun rays. Visit Sugar and Cloth to learn how you can decorate it with polka dots!

12. Polka Dot Shoes 


As you’re discovering the wonders of this world, there’s one thing that always comes along on the adventures – your shoes! You probably want them to look as curious and energetic as you do, so they’ll need to have a special style. We favor Polka Dot Chair‘s polka dot shoes!