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DIY Pegboards: A Modern Approach to Organizing Your Life

When you were a kid, daydreaming about how cool it’s going to be one day when you grow up, you probably didn’t think being an adult would call for so much organizing. Your home constantly calls for new organization strategies and you often find yourself wishing for a simple and customizable organization system. Enter DIY peg boards! They are going to make your life so much easier and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!

1. Giant Pegboard 


You have so many items to organize that a giant wall of shelves still probably wouldn’t be enough! Big cupboards can take up so much space and fixed shelves rob you of the freedom to rearrange them. Visit Vintage Revivals to learn how you can build a giant pegboard that you can always rearrange however you wish!

2. Decorative Pegboard 


While the pegboard is an awesome storage solution because it provides you with many innovative ways to set up shelves and hooks, it’s also an exceptional decor element! Instead of having your most precious decor pieces scattered all around the house, keep them all in once place on a small pegboard, like the one by Little House on the Corner!

3. Craft Supplies Pegboard 


All of us who are proud members of the big happy crafting family know what a hassle finding the proper storage for all of our crafting supplies is. A simple pegboard can easily solve all of our problems! Check in with Craving Some Creativity to learn more about it!

4. Narrow Pegboard 


The best thing about a pegboard is that it doesn’t have to be very big in order to be functional. This is especially a dream come true for those of you who live in small apartments and need to organize in a more meticulous way. eHow‘s narrow pegboard can prove to be a great resource!

5. Entryway Pegboard 


One area of the house that can get super messy very quickly is the entryway. If we don’t have the proper surfaces to set our keys on and hang our coats or bags, it can get really disorganized! The Merrythought shares a beautiful pegboard that’s going to contribute to an organized and minimalist entryway!

6. Pegboard Shelves


Pegboards aren’t limited to shelves, but the fact that you can customize the shelves at will is easily their greatest feature. Maybe you’re only looking for a way to set up some simple shelves in your home but would love to have the freedom to change your mind about them at some point down the road. Head over to Apartment Therapy!

7. Framed Pastel Pegboard 


A natural wooden look of a pegboard is very beautiful, but you don’t have to stick to it at all. You can go into a completely different direction and paint your pegboard in a way that will absolutely make it stand out! Dawn Nicole chose pastel colors for this lovely framed pegboard!

8. Rustic Pegboard 


If you love all things rustic, you’re not going to be able to resist this pegboard! The dark wooden frame gives it an exceptional look that brings something special into your home! Find the tutorial where all the best tutorials always are, at Shanty 2 Chic!

9. Jewelry Organizer Pegboard


Maybe your pegboard doesn’t need any shelves at all! Pair it with some vintage buttons to create the most creative jewelry organizer that’s going to keep all of your personal and precious accessories always on display. Dream Green DIY shares the instructions!

10. Mini Framed Pegboard 


Pegboards are so incredibly functional that they can be exceptionally small and still bring so much value to your domestic bliss. Jennifer Maker‘s mini framed pegboard is a great testament to the fact that as soon as a pegboard enters your home, your living space gains a more orderly appearance!