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Keep Your Napkins In Order With These DIY Napkin Rings

You know that feeling when you see a perfectly set table and you just wish you could have that in your own home, every day of your life? Or maybe you’re in charge of planning a family event and you’re wondering how to make the table feel orderly and sophisticated? A good place to start is definitely napkin rings! They will give your table setting a touch of elegance and make it seem like everything is just where it belongs!

Here are some amazing DIY napkin rings that will keep your napkins in order and make your entire table setting look fabulous!

Flower Napkin Rings


The beauty of DIY projects is upcycling used up things and turning them into something practical and lovely. Sunshine Shoppe Supply achieved this by turning a toilet roll, some thread and a fabric flower into a stunning napkin ring! Hell yes to flower power!

Gold Wire Napkin Rings


You will love this idea if you love simplicity. Enrich your table setting by using a gold wire to make napkin rings! It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s elegant. They will be your best friend in any guest-related emergency! See how Rachel Pereira made them happen!

Lace Napkin Rings


Bring your table setting game to a whole new level by making a napkin ring out of lace! It will look luxurious and sexy! You can even add a little feather to spice it up, just like Nest Of Posies did!

PVC Napkin Rings


Why spend money on expensive napkin rings when you can just turn one PVC pipe into several of them? Cut up the PVC pipe into rings, spray-paint it to a color of choice and you’re done! Nobody will ever be able to tell! Muslin Merlot has the detailed instructions!

Burlap Napkin Rings


How cute are these autumn-colored napkin rings?! They’re so easy and fun to make, you’ll totally want to make more of them and maybe even give some away as a gift! Visit Jack of all Trades for more details!

Raffia Napkin Rings


Another great material to use up for napkin rings is raffia. The end result looks so neat! You can even decorate them with some rhinestone gems that will add a special touch. If you love this idea as much as we do, send your love to Mod Podge Rocks!

Fresh Floral Napkin Rings

VIEW IN GALLERYfresh floral

Such a beautiful floral idea, especially fitting for special events like weddings or anniversaries! Pick out your favorite flowers and you’ve already done the hard part! Project Wedding guides you through the rest (and even tells you how to personalize them)!

Ribbon Napkin Rings


Ribbons have a way of making things look incredibly lovely, don’t they? This napkin ring – or napkin ribbon, if you will – is your perfect match in case you’re looking for something trendy and adorable. Find the tutorial at Massive Sway!

Rabbit Napkin Rings


These notably cute, felt napkin rings are great if you’re setting up a table just for kids, because they will be all over them. There’s nothing cuter than bunny ears! Also, they’re made and ready to use in only five minutes! Don’t take our word for it, head over to Artzy Creations and see for yourself.

Faux Ceramic Napkin Rings

VIEW IN GALLERYfaux ceramic

If you thought leggings that look like jeans are the best faux thing you’ve ever seen, think again. Almost Makes Perfect made napkin holders out of clay and then made them look like they’re ceramic! April Fools is just around the corner, so these will come in handy if you’re trying to play a trick on anyone!

Chalkboard Napkin Rings


Yes, we’re obsessed with chalkboard projects and we don’t care who knows it! These napkin rings are all around practical, as you can personalize them however you like! Visit Project Wedding to see how it’s done!

No more excuses as to why your table setting doesn’t look chic! Pick out your favorite project and make those napkin rings! You can thank us later!