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DIY Hanging Jewelry Tree: Spray Paint and Few Dead Branches Away!

A new pair of shades, that cool new watch you received as a gift or trendy jewelry that you need for a quick makeover before kickstarting your nightlife each weekend… It is time to let them shine in a glorious manner! And we are not just turning them into sculptural art, but putting them on a pedestal by hanging them from the heavens (ceiling, to be less dramatic) as they make a grand style statement. That’s right gals; it is time for a chic hanging jewelry tree.

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This one is not one of these delicate little things that barely has any room for your accessories. This DIY from The Sorry Girls is easy to craft, hang and you will most definitely not be sorry when its all set and done. So, shall we get started?

Here’s What You Need:

  • Dead tree branches of decent size
  • Some spray paint in Colors of your choice
  • Eye Hooks
  • Fishing Line
  • Tape

Once you have the stuff in place, it is time to remove the dead bark off of the branches and smoothen them out, if needed. From here, use the spray to paint to create a pattern (paint-dipped or any other that you fancy) that you love. Let them dry and out and hoist them using the fishing line and the hooks to create a cool, artsy piece that also holds your best jewelry.

Still have some questions? Check out the Video Below:

YouTube video