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Bring Home the Spa: DIY Projects That Will Help You Relax!

Do you ever have those days where all you can think about all day long at work is a hot bath and some serious “you” time? Everyone needs to a take a break for self care and relaxation every once in a while. It might sound like just a pleasant idea, but it’s really more than that. Making sure you mellow out regularly is actually a very smart idea for your health. Did you know, though, that your DIY skills can help you out with self care and relaxation beyond just making time for some calming knitting, baking, or crafting?

Check out these 15 easy DIY spa solutions that are perfect for enjoying a calm night with your own mind, soul, and body. We promise it’ll help you increase your well-being!

1. Lime mint foot soak

VIEW IN GALLERYLime mint foot soak

When it comes to self care, we like to start at the bottom and work our way up! Our first step for spa night is always a calming foot soak in nice warm water. This DIY mint and lime recipe from Echoes of Laughter is one of our favourites.

2. Peppermint foot scrub

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint foot scrub

Once you’ve settled into relaxation mode and your feet are soaked, why not give them a scrub that’ll leave them silky smooth? This DIY peppermint foot scrub is the perfect way to do it. Besides feeling great, the fresh scent will also leave you feeling cleared. Check out how it’s made on Blah Blah Magazine.

3. Homemade foot balm

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade foot balm

Now that you’re feet are smooth, it’s time to moisturize them to keep them that way! Sure, you could use store bought lotions, but we have more fun making custom recipes ourselves. We suggest this all natural, green foot balm recipe from Elana’s Pantry!

4. Citrus sugar scrub cubes

VIEW IN GALLERYCitrus sugar scrub cubes.jpg

Maybe your elbows, legs, or knees are feeling a little dry, just like your feet were before? There are plenty of natural DIY scrub solutions for that too! These citrus scrub cubes by The Idea Room are one of our favourites because not only do they smell good, they’re also super convenient. Just grab a cube and some water and get scrubbing!

5. Edible “mud” mask

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible mud mask

Do you know what you could be wearing all this time, while you start scrubbing and exfoliating form the feet up? A cleansing mud mask! Natural face masks are our favourite because they’re gentle on sensitive skin, but features like scent and edibility are a total bonus. Yes, you read that right- this mask is made of such awesomely natural ingredients that you could eat it if you wanted to! Check it out on Essentially Eclectic.

6. Blueberry facial

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-blueberry-facial

Are you finished with the mud mask and now you’d like a lighter, more scrub-like facial treatment? This blueberry facial is just what you need. It’ll cleanse your pores even further than the mask just did for you and make sure you’ve really got all the “mud” off. Get the natural recipe on Style Me Green Studio.

7. DIY rose water toner

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY rose water toner

Once you’re all cleansed, firm things up and take care of breakouts with a natural facial skin toner! Besides making us look brighter and ready for a new day, this rose water recipe makes us feel calm thanks to its subtle floral scent. Noob Cook shows you how it’s made.

8. Citrus facial refresher

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-citrus-facial-refresher

Is your face feeling almost completely renewed, but you could still use just the slightest pick-me-up as far as your skin is concerned? That’s where refreshing spray comes in! Hints of citrus will wake you up or calm you down. Our favourite refresher recipe is this one from Paula Deen.

9. Peppermint cocoa lip balm

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint cocoa lip balm

The skin on your cheeks and forehead isn’t the only part of your face that needs moisturizing and soothing! Your lips will benefit from some soothing balm as well. Store bought balms, however, are often waxy and might not do the trick. Instead, try making your own peppermint balm, like this fragrant one by Essentially Eclectic.

10. DIY eye soothers

VIEW IN GALLERYeye-soothers

Have you ever had the kind of day where your eyes are just irritating you and need some TLC? Perhaps you’re very tired or maybe environmental allergies have been bugging you lately. Maybe you just want to avoid fine lines around your eyes! A natural, soothing eye cream is your best bet and Whole Living has one that works for us.

11. Vinegar honey hair rinse

VIEW IN GALLERYVinegar honey hair rinse

While you’re soothing and reviving your features, why not make sure your hair gets some love as well? A hair rinse is a good idea periodically because it cleanses the strands of leftover product buildup that your store bought shampoos and conditioners wont’ necessarily clear out. This effective recipe from Popsugar uses vinegar and honey to get the job done.

12. Natural hair conditioning mask with coconut and honey

VIEW IN GALLERYNatural hair conditioning mask with coconut and honey

Once your hairs been stripped of excess product and saved from buildup, it’s time to condition! It might not sound like smooth, hydrated hair will contribute to relaxing you overall, but hair health is actually extremely important in keeping your body and energies balance. Besides, who doesn’t want a nice, glossy mane? Check out how this all natural conditioner is made on Homemade Wellbeing.

13. Egg white hair volumizer

VIEW IN GALLERYEgg white hair volumizer

Do you feel like going all out and treating yourself to a full beauty regime while you’re at it? You might as well throw on some natural DIY hair volumizer than too! Okay, so maybe extra body in your hair won’t relax you, but you’ve come this far, so treat yourself. The Dating Divas shows you how to make one out of egg whites.

14. DIY lavender linen spray

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY lavender linen spray

When it comes to calming scents, lavender is actually proven to reduce stress, calm nerves, and relax you enough to welcome sleep. That’s why we suggest this subtle but effective lavender sheet spray. Mist it over your bed before you crawl in to keep you calm enough for sleep. Back to Her Roots shows you how to make your own!

15. DIY scented bath bombs

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY scented bath bombs

Are you so into your relaxing spa night that you’d like it to last a little bit longer? Try having a nice, warm bath! Nothing makes a bath better than a soothing bath bomb. They smell great, they’ll leave your skin feeling smooth, and they’re just plain fun to watch when they fizzle. Check out the process for making your very own on Bright Nest!