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DIY Dog Bandanas For Your Stylish Pooch!

If you have a four legged best friend you’re probably a little obsessed with their style, just like any other dog parent! No matter how big they are, they forever stay your fur baby who you love to spoil with the most beautiful collars, leashes, dog beds … and now, bandanas as well! Check out this roundup of the coolest DIY dog bandanas and find the one that’s destined for your pooch!

1. Two Fabric Dog Bandana 


It’s time to go fabric shopping with your furry BFF! Find two fabrics that go together very well and compliment each other, then head over to Lia Griffith to see how you can make a super fashionable dog bandana from them! Your dog will be the coolest dog on the street without a doubt!

2. Reversible Dog Bandana 


We’re absolutely obsessed with reversible DIY projects because you’re basically getting two products for the price and time of one! Your little buddy can alternate between two bandanas and all you have to do is turn it around! Get the inside scoop at Sparkles of Sunshine.

3. St. Patrick’s Bandana 


If you love making a big deal of all holidays and enjoy in the seasonal celebrations, chances are you’re always including your dog as well, dressing them up in celebratory outfits and posting styled pictures of him on Instagram! Make sure you secure The Broke Dog‘s bandana for St. Patrick’s Day!

4. Bandana Collars 


Our dogs wear collars most of their time, so it pays off if they look very chic and fashionable. We love the Crafts Unleashed‘s idea of combining a bandana with a collar,  because you’re getting style and functionality at the same time, with the bandana collar seeming like a super cool accessory!

5. Personalized Dog Bandana 


You want your dog to know that you love him the most in the world and this type of love can be shown with a couple of things: endless belly rubs, an abundance of treats and a personalized bandana! Check in with Diana Rambles to see how you can make a one of a kind bandana for your special pooch!

6. Embroidered Dog Bandana 


If your are a passionate embroiderer we have great news for you: you can use your exceptional embroidering skills to make a unique bandana for your most loyal friend! You can make several bandanas that carry different personal messages! Get all the details at Design Sponge.

7. No-Sew Bandana 


Not everyone who has a pooch in need of a bandana is crazy about sewing, so we wanted to make sure you’re included even if you shiver at the thought of needle and thread. Dalmatian DIY has a fantastic tutorial on how to make a classic bandana without any sewing at all!

8. Flannel Dog Bandana 


Fashion trends come and go, but flannel is for life! Jamie Bartlett‘s flannel bandana is going to make your dog look stylish always and forever. Because of it’s appealing look, it’s going to make a lot of people stop and stare, which is great for meeting new dog-loving friends!

9. Over the Collar Bandana 


You know how much we love simplicity and that we’re always trying to bring you the most convenient projects that enable you to use up the tools and materials you already have in your home. The bandana by Cut Out + Keep can be slipped over the collar, which is a simple way to bring two separate pieces together!

10. Sewn Personalized Dog Bandana 


Sure, your dog could have a really modern bandana that you’ve ordered online from a fancy dog blogger’s shop, but the reason why you’ve clicked on this article is because you’re drawn to unique projects and you know your dog deserves a bandana that’s one of a kind. Roll up your sleeves and head over to Homemade Banana for the tutorial!

11. Vinyl Dog Bandana 


If you are handy with vinyl and Silhouette, Pitter & Glink has a dog bandana tutorial that you could really benefit from! This is yet another way to create a unique bandana that doesn’t have any competition, using your usual and most preferred crafting tools and techniques!

12. Polka Dot Dog Bandana 


Every dog has a personality that is completely unique to them. If you’re sharing your home with the most charming pooch on the planet who is the pure embodiment of cuteness and fun, we can’t possibly think of a better accessory to make for him than this polka dotted bandana by Pretty Fluffy!