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Simple DIY Crochet Hydrangea – Fabric Flowers Made Fabulous

Here’s a perfectly pretty project you might like to try your hand at this weekend – an elegant and surprisingly simple crochet hydrangea. We came across this extraordinary idea over at Where is the Wonderland, where you’ll find a whole bunch of inspiring ideas for getting busy with a crochet hook. What caught our eye about these lovely hydrangeas is the way in which each individual flower is so simple and delicate, yet when combined together with others produces and absolutely outstanding result.


Fabric flowers are all the rage these days as an eco-friendly and longer-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. But the way we see it, why shell out for generic store-bought fabric flowers when making them at home is not only fun, but also means so much more than purchased flowers ever could?

One Simple Flower, So Many Uses

As can be seen in the pictures here, these completed crocheted hydrangeas look absolutely wonderful when displayed in a vase as a decorative touch for the home. They can of course also be arranged in the form of a tied bouquet, in order to be offered as gifts for any occasion.



These hydrangeas recreate the most common pink and white color variants, though the sky’s the limit for your own fabric flowers. From fresh whites to brilliant blues and wonderful springtime yellows, we highly recommend experimenting with a variety of color combinations. The individual flower itself is easy to crochet and takes no time at all, making it the perfect project for newcomers and those in need of practice.

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You’ll find dozens of other crochet flower ideas across the pages of our website and we highly recommend combining several to create a uniquely captivating bouquet. These hydrangeas really are the essence of springtime – perfect for adding a splash of color and life to the home at any time of year.