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Style and Bling: DIY Bracelets Made with Chains

When it comes to DIY bracelets, there are endless styles and details that you can choose, but our current obsession when it comes to crafting jewelry is all about chains! Whether the bracelet has fine, delicate chains or is made mostly from a set of big, chunky links, we’re completely into it! Chains make a DIY bracelet easy to customize and we think you’ll be as glad about that as we are.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY bracelet designs that are all about chains!

1. Woven chain charm bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYWoven chain charm bracelet

Honestly WTF shows you how to create a woven design similar to a classic friendship bracelet, but with each woven “knot” looped through a chain link. This leaves one side of the chain wrapped in pretty embroidery or silk string and one side free to attach dangling beads!

2. Chunky woven embroidery chain

VIEW IN GALLERYChunky woven embroidery chain

Did you like the way the previous bracelet was wrapped, but you prefer a little more of a statement piece? Honestly WTF has you covered for that too! We adore this chunky bracelet wrapped in what looks like braided strands of chunky rope, but is really smaller threads gathered into large sections.

3. Silk string wrapped chain bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYSilk string wrapped chain bracelet

Simply Bold Blog has an alternative on the silk string wrapped chain links for you, in case you’re a fan of the idea but not necessarily the braiding styles you’ve seen. The way the silk has been wrapped around these links, however, actually joins to separate lengths of chain down their outer edges, positioning the string so its wrapped around the middle of the bracelet.

4. Chain on leather wrap bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYChain on leather bracelet

Leather always makes for a classic but edgy accessory style. We’re particularly big fans of it when it’s put together in a wrap style, circling your wrist two or three times. Why Don’t You Make Me suggests gluing (or hang sewing, if you’re very dedicated) a small to medium sized chain down the centre of a strip of leather to create a look that contrasts matte and metallic well.

5. Double chain and rhinestone bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble chain and rhinestone bracelet

If layers are your thing, then you’ll love the way this bracelet design from Everything Fab stacks a gold chain, a silver chain, and a chain of rhinestones together. Fasten them all down the middle and around the gems with black floss or string, attack a clamp to the end, and voila!

6. Chunky chain and spike bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYChunky chain and spike bracelet

Do you like the idea of an edgier chain bracelet style, but you’re not really a fan of leather? Let chains be the concentration of the look rather than the embellishment! We love the way they draw the eye in this design by The Stripe, which lets the chains steal the show but still features some awesome hanging gold spikes for contrast.

7. Chain and silk braid bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYChain and silk braid bracelet

Thanks, I Made It suggests combining chains with the same wrapping techniques that you probably used to use when you made friendship bracelets as a kid. We love the way that the braiding leaves a central strip of the chain exposed so it really shows.

8. Chunky chain and tassel bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYChunky chain and tassle bracelet

Frugal-nomics reminds you that sometimes the simplest ideas are the most stylish. Choose a medium sized, slightly chunky chain and make a leather strip tassel that you can attach wherever along the chain you please!

9. Multi-chain and ribbon bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYMulti-chain and ribbon bracelet

We love the contrast between the delicate ribbons and the chrome chains in this design, especially where the ribbon ends are tied in a bow. This example by Pumps and Iron includes three chains, but you could include more or less in yours if you wanted.

10. Varied chains and rhinestones bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYVaried chains and rhinestones bracelet

Are you looking for a less polished, more Boho chic chain style? Check out this DIY style from For the Love Of that combines just about every type of chain you can find! We quite enjoy that they threw in a chain of rhinestones too, just to add some sparkle.

11. Chunky chain, braided string, and pom poms

VIEW IN GALLERYChunky chain, braided string, and pom poms

Is your style a little more eclectic than most and you’re hoping to find a chain based style that’s a little different than the others? Look no further! This design from Thanks, I Made It is definitely the only one we found that involves pom poms!

12. Bead woven chunky chain

VIEW IN GALLERYBead woven chunky chain

You’ve seen a few designs that involved wrapping embroidering floss or string through chain links, but this style wraps the chain with beads instead! Use clear fishing wire or thin, pliable jewelry wire to  do your wrapping. We love this mint scheme by Quiet Lion Creations.

13. Fine chains and pearls with ribbon

VIEW IN GALLERYFine chains and pearls with ribbon

Chains can be used in very feminine bracelet designs as well, without detracting from the prettiness of the over all look. This bracelet from NBeads uses pearls and a ribbon bow for some whimsical girliness, but includes a handful of silver chains for contrast as well.

14. Leather with chunky chains wrap bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYLeather with chunky chains wrap bracelet

Did you like the idea of a leather wrap bracelet but would prefer a look in which the chains are more prominent? This design from Thanks, I Made It gives you that wrapping leather style but lets the chains stand out much more, and we’re glad to see it!

Next time, instead of shopping for a matching accessory that goes along with your flashy new attire for the weekend party, it is time to craft a unique one yourself!