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15 DIY Business Card Designs You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Choosing and designing a business card is an important step in creating your own brand. Your business card will often be the first impression a potential new client gets of your and your services. It’s important to come off as professional, but you also need something that will make you stand out. This is where it’s useful to have some DIY and crafting skills!

Check out these 15 DIY business card designs that are awesome enough to make us want to start a business just so we can have them!

1. Cross stitched business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cross stitched business cards

Whether cross stitching is part of the business you’re advertising or not, it adds a nice, unique touch to your card! It’s particularly fitting if you’re trying to establish an aesthetic or image that is classic, timeless, or even vintage. Print your information and mount it on a mesh back, then hand stitch a detailed little pattern of your choosing, just like Vintage Muse, Modern Views did.

2. Fabric backed business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric backed business cards

Candi Mandi walks you through the process of mounting printed cardstock cards onto a fabric baccking. Stitching an eye-catching material to the back of your card not only reinforces it, but also gives it an appealing homemade look that’s friendly rather than unprofessionally casual.

3. GIlded business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYGIlded business cards

If you’re looking for something much more professional in appearance but still in the realm of DIY, then this gilded design by Camille Styles is the perfect option. The metallic gold back and edging add a touch of glamour while the stark white front featuring your neatly printed information keeps things to the point.

4. Confetti envelope business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYConfetti envelope business cards

Are you a wedding or party planner? These unique little confetti-filled envelopes by Hey Look are the perfect novelty business card for you! Print or stamp your information neatly on the outside of the envelope, fill it with glitter, and tie it with string like a package or attach it to a pretty paper flower.

5. Carnival ticket business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYCarnival ticket business cards

Are you looking for something quick, simple, and attention grabbing for a big event? Embrace the fun buzz in the air by bringing along a roll of colourful carnival tickets… that are actually your business card! People will love the kitschiness of the idea, which you can find on The House that Lars Built.

 6. Neon-accented business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon-accented business cards

Speaking of cards that are eye-catching, nothing grabs attention quite so easily as fun neon colours! Check out how Popeyetalk created these ones from printed card stalk tied in brightly coloured wax thread.

7. Glitter vial business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter vial business cards

Does your business involve some type of celebration or homemade service? If bright and shiny is what you’re going for, try this adorable design that gifts each potential client an actual vial of glitter that they can use however they wish, but that’s stoppered so it doesn’t get all over them! Check the idea out on Ashley Thunder Events.

8. Watercolour paint business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYWatercolour paint business cards

Watercolour paper and paints are a beautiful way to add some colour to your card. Stamp or print your name, brand, and contact information onto each card and get creative with your colours. You want to keep it simple enough that your information is still the focus, but still creative. Check out how And We Play made them!

9. Upcycled embroidered business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled embroidered business cards

Find some smooth, study cardboard and cut it into even rectangles. Stamp or print your logo and information onto it and then use your sewing machine to embroider a neat line or two of patterned and coloured stitching across the bottom. Find out how to make them on C.R.A.F.T.

10. Scratch off business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYScratch off business cards

Why not turn your business card into a little game to really grab your potential customers’ attention? Brit + Co. shows you how to use scratch off stickers to hide a little inspirational message on each card you give out.

11. Washi tape and paper clip business card

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape and paper clip business card

Design Improvised has a great idea for simple, crafty cards that display a little bit of a DIY aesthetic to let people know you’re passionate about making things. At the bottom of each printed card, create a cute colour and pattern combination using fun washi tape and colour paper clips.

12. tie-dyed business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYtie-dyed business cards

These hand dyed business cards are nothing short of stunning. Particularly if you work in some type of visual art, they’re a great chance to display your eye for detail and creativity. Lark & Linen guides you through the process of making them in your own colour choices.

13. Laminated business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Laminated business cards

Creativity Lizette shows you how to make simple business cards that display your brand and contact information as though they’re floating in the clear plastic. Catch potential customers’ eyes by surrounding the writing by simple colour polka dots!

14. Stamped tag business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Stamped tag business cards

Shipping tags make for a simple, vintage looking aesthetic when it comes to transforming them into vintage business cards. This is especially true if you use both black and brown ink when you stamp your information and pattern, just like Beach Brights did.

15. Tiny notepad business cards

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny notepad business cards

Sometimes it’s fun for potential customers to get a business card that does more than just tell them your contact information. Check out how Oh Hello Friend made these cards that double as a to do list note pad complete with encouraging messages!

So, why not give your budding business a lift with a DIY business card that you can craft at home with ease. Pick your favorite design and get started today!