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Raw and Exposed: 10 Fantastic DIY Brick Projects for the Home 

The brick has a reputation for making a beautiful addition to any interior, bringing a very raw look to any style of decor, whether modern or rustic – it fits everywhere! If you’ve been eyeing the big living rooms with a brick wall and backyard brick projects featured in popular home decor magazines, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of ten most amazing DIY brick projects for your home! 

1. Brick Dining Room Wall 


The dining room is a place where we enjoy most of our meals and regularly spend time with our family. It deserves to look its best! Visit Dengarden to see how you can create a proper brick wall inside of your dining room and give the space some roughness.

2. Brick Backsplash 


Kitchen feels like a sanctuary for everyone who loves to cook. It’s the place where you can unleash your culinary creativity and perhaps even interior design artistry! Remington Avenue shares the process of creating a charming brick backsplash with a rustic style!

3. Brick Fire Pit 


Out of the house and into the backyard we go! If you don’t have a fire pit yet, you’ve officially ran out of excuses! Tuff-Guard can show you how to use bricks to make a fire pit that is going to become the main gathering point in your backyard when you’re hosting social evenings.

4. Brick Veneer 


Maybe you’re totally ready to commit to a bigger brick project, one that truly impacts the whole room and gives it a whole new vibe. Check in with Vintage Revivals to learn all about how you can make a brick veneer that is going to give any room of your house the most epic makeover to date!

5. Limewashed Brick 


Some of you might already have some brick to work with in your home, but you just don’t like the way it looks. Is the classic red brick too raw for you? No problem! You can easily limewash it and give it a completely fresh look! Jenny Garvin shares the whole process.

6. Thin Brick Floor 


We’re normally used to seeing brick in the walls or a fireplace, but it’s definitely a rarity to encounter a brick floor – which is exactly why you should make it! Having something unique in your home that sets you apart from the other homeowners carries a charm of its own! Find out how Cedar Lane Farmhouse conquered this project!

7. Red Brick Backsplash 


Here’s another kitchen backsplash, for those of you who want to brainstorm a little more and see which one is more fitting for your style. If you adore the classic raw look of an exposed red brick, Redhead Can Decorate can absolutely help you out!

8. Brick Waterfall 


You know that little corner in your yard that is all lonely and unused? It’s time to assign a purpose to it! Waterfalls have always been the most fantastic way to spice up your garden, so get a head-start on this gorgeous brick waterfall by String Beadz Design!

9. Brick Pathway 


One of the things that make your garden look like it came straight from a fairytale is the pathway. It serves both a practical and decorative purpose, both of those achieved with ease if you opt to use a brick when you’re making it. The Family Handyman will show you how it’s done!

10. Brick Succulent Planter 


Last but not least, maybe you don’t want a big brick project at all, only a small addition of a red brick to your home environment. Hallmark shares a tutorial for the most stunning brick succulent planters that can also be used as candle holders. Versatility at its finest!