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DIY Home Decor: The Elegance of Black and White 

Decorating your home with DIY pieces is not only economical, it’s also fun! It offers a great way for the whole family to be involved in decorating and you all get to add a personal touch to your home. If you are in love with minimalist and modern monochrome interiors you’ll be pleased to see the elegant DIY black and white home decor ideas down below!

1. Abstract Art Piece 


The simplest way to decorate your home is with art pieces that truly leave their mark on the space. We all know how expensive art pieces can be, especially if we’re talking about modern art. With Homeyohmy by your side you can create an incredible abstract art piece in a black and white color scheme all by yourself!

2. Throw Pillows 


A living room without carefully selected throw pillows almost feels empty! There’s no need to wander the home decor stores for hours in the search of perfect minimalist pillows when Little Lessy can show you how to make them yourself! You’ll be surprised to hear that a potato plays a big role in the making of these pillows!

3. Striped Candles 


The main job of candles is to create dim and romantic ambiance, but what about during the day when the room is bright and there is no need for candlelight? Make sure your candles look the part and take your inspiration from Refunk my Junk and their wonderful black and white striped candles!

4. Keepsake Container 


Storage space and home decor have always gone hand in hand. If you can make your storage space (however big or tiny) look like it’s a beautiful decor piece, you’ve earned yourself some recognition! Paper & Stitch achieved that with these tiny keepsake containers that have a very modern look!

5. Crochet Throw Blanket 


Throw blankets will keep you warm and cozy, but their secret weapon lies in how they affect the interior of your home! If you go for this striped monochrome crochet blanket we found at Becoming Peculiar you will be adding an elegant and chic piece to your home!

6. Geometric Ornaments 


When you’re in need of modern and creative decor pieces to quickly bring dynamic into your home, geometric ornaments have the power to do just that! They are easy to make, they offer much variety and do really well with a monochrome look. Our friends at Decoist share the whole process!

7. Floor Cushion 


A living room with just chairs or sofas is almost a thing of the past. Ottomans and floor cushions are becoming a constant in contemporary home decor, so jump on the bandwagon and make yourself a beautiful black and white floor cushion with a unique pattern! Get the details at A Pair & A Spare!

8. Mason Jar Desk Organizers


An organized workspace is one that inspires creativity! Mason jars can be turned into very useful desk organizers that don’t only have the volume to store many of your pens and pencils, but can also be customized to have a very charming look! It All Started With Paint can tell you more!

9. Striped Bedroom Bench 


Your bedroom deserves to have a unique element that reflects your favorite choice of decor. A bedroom bench is the perfect item for that and since you really have a talent for DIY projects, Live Love DIY can help you make the bench and give it a marvelous black and white look!

10. Decorative Pumpkins 


Whether or not it’s the month of October, decorative pumpkins have something special about them, something that makes us return to them every single time! We have a lot of liberty in decorating them as we like, but nothing beats the extraordinary black and white pumpkins by Homeyohmy!

11. Modern Wreath 


Wreaths have certainly grown in their design over the years. Where once they only hung on the front doors, they now hang in any room of your choosing. And if they used to be made of only natural materials, they can now get a slightly more modern upgrade. Pretty Providence‘s contemporary wreath is the greatest example!