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10 Great Tips for Camera Setting You Should try

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I usually take photoes with camera’s auto model, because I don’t like reading the thick instructions . I bought a new camera last Thanksgiving , I think I have to learn some camera technology, since I need to record my daughter’s dancing performance and our vacation . But it’s really hard to read the book for me !
A few days ago, I found a great blog — 10 camera settings you don’t use (and which you probably should). There are 10 shooting options you should explore in order to get the most from your camera and start breathing new life into your pictures… I think that’s just for me . Are there any camera settings you overlook, but which you know you should really try and use more? Check the link below please ……

10 camera settings you don’t use (and which you probably should) — Check here

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Make Your Photos More Fun with These DIY Bokeh Effects Lens Filters for Your DSLR, Tutorial by Iheartfaces.

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Crochet camera lense friend to make the kids focus on photo shooting , Free pattern here.

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 DIY magical-salt-sock-for-ear-infection-relief