Wonderful Idea for Natural Teeth Whitening in Minutes at Home

VIEW IN GALLERYWonderful Idea for Natural Teeth Whitening in Minutes at Home  Wonderful Idea for Natural Teeth Whitening in Minutes at Home

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful white teeth ? Here is a nice and easy idea for whitening your teeth at home, it’s a natural way with 2 ingredients:
Lime/Lemon (or water)
Baking soda

Caution: Please do not over do it as it may lead to you weakening your enamel. Once a week is recommended, try several weeks to see how it works!
There are 6 MAIN Causes of Tooth Discoloration: Red wine, tea/coffee, soft drinks (including carbonated drinks), cigarettes, sweets and antibiotics. So if you feel you are somewhat addicted to one or more on it, try to avoid it.

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  • Brian Lane

    Thank you for this useful information. It was interesting and I will try and give it a go. But at 64 years old I’m lucky that I have any teeth left to get white. Only kidding I have a full set but I will give it a go and see if it works on my teeth. You come across as a really nice young lady and as an older person it’s so good to see these days. Good luck to you for the future and thank you for sharing the information.

    Kind Regards

    Brian Lane.

    • wonderfuldiy

      Hi Brian, thanks for coming to our page and your kind words! Have a nice day !

  • Alex Jennings

    You’re a life saver! I often drink coffee, so you can imagine how desperate I am for teeth whitening. I haven’t visited my dentist since last year, so I’m hoping that he’ll have some tips and suggestions during my upcoming visit. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to follow your recipe! If baking soda really works that well, I’m well on my way to a brighter smile! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Alex Jennings | http://www.meadowridgedental.ca