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Fancy Crochet Slipper Boots – Free Pattern and Tutorial

Chances are you’ll have realized by now that we simply cannot get enough of DIY homemade slipper boots – we absolute love these things! That’s why we’re always looking for another great design to add to our collection – this being one of the best we’ve come across in some time! As you can see in the pictures, they’re every bit as stunning as the designer slipper boots you’d be expected to pay pretty heft prices for in designer stores – the only difference being these are a snip to make and require only a few very basic supplies!

In fact, they’re so easy and enjoyable to make you might want to whip up a few extra pairs to keep on hand for guests! After all, what could be nicer than a soft and snuggly pair of slipper boots to keep warm on a cold winter’s day?


Free Pattern Below

These are far from the most complex of boots to put together for anyone with even modest experience with a crochet hook. In fact, even if you’re just getting started you’ll find the pattern easy enough to follow – the fact that it’s 100% is also a pretty sweet bonus! [GarnStudio : one, two]

One of the things we love about these slipper boots is the way in which you can really let your imagination go to town. You can choose from all the colors in the world, mix up the colors as much as you like and then get creative with the added extras! From crochet flowers to beautiful buttons to pretty pearls and so much more, you can really bring your slipper boots to life in a thousand different ways!

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Did we mention they also make incredible gifts for any occasion?

Happy crafting!

There’s also a paid pattern ($5) from Crochet Dreamz, if interested.