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Free Knitted & Crochet Slipper Boots Patterns

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There’s no better time than the depths of winter to set your sights on a warm and cozy craft project to help keep the family toasty. But when it comes to these gorgeous slipper boots, there’s really no time like the present to knit up a storm and see where a few balls of yarn can take you!

We’ve brought together some of the most fantastic and highly-rated patterns from all over the web – all of which are tried, tested and 100% free of charge! It’s amazing just how many different colors, styles and designs you’ll be able to come up – take a few tips and let your imagination run wild!

Create Great Gifts at Home

VIEW IN GALLERYboots3[by Garn Studio]

Slipper boots make ideal gifts for any occasion and are suitable for pretty much anyone. For women and men alike, newborns to seniors and regardless of personal tastes, nobody can resist the comfy coziness of a luxurious pair of warming slipper boots. And of course, the fact that these babies are made 100% by your own hands makes them so much more special!

Check out each of the free patterns listed below for a good introduction what you’ll be capable of armed with nothing but a few needles and some simple household yarn. Involve the kids, call on your girlfriends for a little help or perhaps ask the man in your life to add his own creative flair!

After all, you won’t know how amazing the results might be until you’ve given it a try – get started today!

VIEW IN GALLERYboots-1[Another one from Garn Studio]

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet slippers 5[from Simplicity]

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Stylish-Knitted-and-Crochet-Slipper-Boots-6[from Garnstudio]

VIEW IN GALLERYslippers 7[by Simplicity]

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Stylish-Knitted-and-Crochet-Slipper-Boots-8[by Garnstudio]

VIEW IN GALLERYboots2[by Garn Studio]

More Interesting Ideas

VIEW IN GALLERY8  knitted crochet slipper boots

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