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DIY Crochet Hollydoll Slipper Boots

Some things just never go out of style – these Crochet Hollydoll Slipper Boots being a pretty perfect example. Fashionable, fabulously comfortable and pretty much fantastic in every way, why not save yourself a packet and turn your hand to making your own Slipper Boots at home?

Believe it or not, it’s easier than you’d think!

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You’ll find these boots in so many High Street fashion stores right now, but there’s really no comparison when the kind you can make at home for next to nothing. Whether looking to kit out the family for winter, put together an amazing gift for someone special or maybe even start a new business and a whiz with a crochet needle, we’ve got the perfect tutorials and patterns to show you how!

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Learning the Basics

You won’t need any professional skills to get started, though it will certainly help if you’ve mastered single and double crochet stitches and can follow a pattern. If not, just watch the appropriate tutorial video and you’ll pick up the necessary basics in no time!

In terms of supplies, it’s simply a case of arming yourself with the yarn of your choosing, quality crochet needles and any added buttons or embellishments you desire. Just as soon as you get the idea how to put these slipper boots together, the sky’s the limit as far as creativity and imagination go!

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And of course, there’s just as wonderful for babies and kids as they are adults – toasty feet are important for everyone, right?

[Paid PATTERN from HollyDoll]


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