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Super Snuggly Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern and Tutorial

There are some things that no baby or parent in the world can ever have too many of – snuggly soft baby blankets being perfect examples! It’s one thing to go out and buy a bunch of blankets to give that proud new mom a helping hand, but when it comes to showing genuine thought, caring and affection, nothing says more than a gorgeous baby blanket you make yourself from scratch!

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To take a look at these amazing results, it’s hard to believe it’s actually quite simple to make this premium quality blanket at home with just a few basket supplies. If you’re already a dab-hand with a crochet needle you’ll find it a walk in the park, but even if you’re not quite so experienced you’ll find this a perfect project for a little practice!

Beautiful Baby Gifts

What’s so wonderful about this particular blanket is the way in which it opens up infinite possibilities for uniqueness and creativity. Create a simple, single-color blanket as seen here, or mix it up with the assortment of colors of your choosing. One the blanket starts taking shape, you can add as many embellishments and decorative touches as you desire – why not crochet up a few flowers and add these to the finished article?

We come across so many free patterns for baby blankets, but we genuinely believe this is one of the best … and the most enjoyable at that! You’ll be whisked away to the free pattern in full, then feel free to tell us how you get on and what kinds of unique finishing touches you added to your own baby blankets!

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Another amazing blanket to crochet for your little love is this one below; the crochet flower baby blanket with free pattern.

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