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Wonderful DIY Garden Mosaic Ladybug

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Here is a great way to add some individuality to your home. These lady bugs are a great beginners project that would look cute in any outdoor space.

You may need : 2 bowls (lined with plastic bags), cement, red and black tiles for the mosaic, 2 marbles for the eyes and grout.

To make each of these ladybugs first you have to take a bowl and line it with plastic wrap. After that make a mixture of cement and sand in water and pour it in the bowl with plastic. When the cement and sand mixture dries take out the semi sphere. Put it on a working surface and fill all the rough surface with cement mixture and even it. Then with a pencil make the dots, wings and eyes of the lady bug. Then take red and black pieces of tiles and cover the ladybug with them using a tile adhesive. Place these beautiful bugs in your garden.
Source : DIY Garden Mosaic Ladybug Tutorial