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Cutest Crochet Skirt, Hat and Bag Set for Little Girls – Free Pattern

This is one of our all-time favorite crochet patterns that’s guaranteed to result in the kind of amazingly cute gift all the money in the world cannot buy! It’s impossible not to fall in love at first sight with this skirt, hat and bag set for the special little lady in your life, which in every way is about a million times nicer than anything even the most expensive designer stores have to offer.

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And of course, if you love getting busy with a good project as much as we do, chances are you’ll have a fantastic time making it as an added bonus!

Get Set for Summer!

You’ll need just a few basic supplies and a few hours of your time to knock this truly inspirational work of art together – the perfect gift for a sunshine-filled summer season! Perhaps best of all, the instructions and pattern you’ll need to make your very own skirt, hat and bag set is 100% free of charge and can be accessed via the link below! Projects of this quality don’t usually come cheap – the fact that’s free is almost too good to be true!

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In terms of supplies, just as long as you have the basic crochet tools for the job you’ll need nothing more than the yarn of your choosing. This green variation is one of our personal favorites, but of course it looks just as darling in blue, pink, red, white or any other color you like! Feel free to mix is up and add a little ‘you’ into the mix – you’ll be amazed at the results you come up with!

(Free pattern by Best-Hand-Made – translated)

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