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Wonderful DIY Crochet Harriet Bag with Free Pattern

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This Crochet Harriet Bag looks simple and generous , I totally fall in love when I saw it on Pinterest .This style and color will match most of my dresses. It’s one of the most popular crochet projects . Please check the link below to download the free pattern that shared by Boodles Yarns. There are 10 more free Pdf bag patterns on this downloads page , I also like that Rebekah Bag, how about you ?

For making this Crochet Harriet Bag, here are some helpful hints :
— Try to crochet a bit tighter than you normally would in order to prevent items slipping through any large gaps in your bag – alternatively you could consider adding a funky lining to your bag.
— Use a stitch marker (or a paper clip or safety pin) to mark the 1st stitch of each round when crocheting continuous rounds. This will help you keep track of the beginning and end of each round.

Happy crocheting ~

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