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Wonderful DIY Bunny Napkins

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny-Napkins fThis bunny napkin fold is an easy way to dress up napkins on your Easter table .Folding a napkin into a bunny is a fairly straightforward exercise with an effective result. The bunny napkin is suitable for spring and Easter table displays, for children’s parties, and for any dinner party where you’d like to add a bit of fun.
Want to learn how to fold your very own bunny napkins? Sure you do!

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny-Napkins mVIEW IN GALLERYfolded napkin bunny-tutorial-wonderfuldiyFor Easter it would be so cute to fold the table napkin into bunnies! To go above and beyond, these Easter Bunny napkins can be holding Easter eggs. Adorable! Don’t be intimidated by napkin origami-your guests will love it!


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