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Mouth-Watering Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Mashed Potato Bombs

If you’ve been looking for the perfect party snack to serve with a guaranteed ‘wow’ factor, trust us when we say you’ve found it right here! These Cheesy Mash Potato Bacon Bombs take everything you think you know about deliciousness and kick things up a notch or two – you simply won’t believe how indulgent, addictive and simply incredible these little balls of all-things joyful are!

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It’s such a simple combination and one that works so well! After all, who doesn’t like cheese, mashed potatoes and bacon?

Mashed Potato Bombs Recipe

As the name gives away pretty well, the only three ingredients you’ll need to knock out these nifty nibbles are mashed potatoes, bacon and a good few cubes of cheese. Simply encase the cheese in a ball of mashed potato, wrap the whole think in a bacon strip and fry until golden brown!

Best of all, you can take your pick of any and every kind of cheese you fancy – for a real flavor kick try sharp cheddar or a little blue cheese! You can also get as creative as you like with the mashed potato – maybe add a few herbs or a little horseradish for extra punch! And of course, there’s nothing to say you can’t use vegetarian bacon for the outside if any of your party doesn’t eat meat – you’ll still be amazed by the results!

VIEW IN GALLERYBacon Wrapped Cheesy Mashed Potato Bombs VIEW IN GALLERYBacon Wrapped Mashed Potato Bombs VIEW IN GALLERYCheesy Mashed Potato Bombs

Bite into the gooey, melting center and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start making these things a long time ago! Indulgent, satisfying and a treat that’s more than worth the effort – consider a batch for your next party and find out what you’ve been missing!