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Healthy and Nutty: Delicious Dessert Recipes Made With Pistachios

Are you the kind of person who just adores cooking with ingredients that are versatile enough to be used in any kind of dish? We know that once we’ve found something we can turn into a dessert or a main course, we make just about anything and everything we can out of it! One of our most recent favourite cooking and baking obsessions is pistachios.

They’re great in salads and encrusted on chicken, but we’re especially in love with pistachio dessert recipes. If you’re a fan of having your sweetness balanced out by something with a little more savory and salt, then we think you’ll love baking with pistachios too! Check out these 15 amazing pistachio dessert recipes that we just can’t get enough of.

1. Lemon pistachio cake

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon pistachio cake

What better flavour to contrast a mild hint of nuts and the sweetness of icing than zesty lemons? We also love that adding pistachios to a cake gives it a satisfying crunch that balances the classic sponge texture. Check out how this recipe goes on Heather Christo.

2. Pistachio pudding cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPistachio pudding cupcakes

As if the idea of a pistachio cupcake isn’t already delicious, these ones are made with pudding! Adding pudding mix to your cupcake recipe makes the texture especially moist and the flavour especially rich. The pistachios take the whole taste experience to the next level! Eat, Live, Run shows you how they’re made.

3. Homemade pistachio ice cream

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade pistachio ice cream

We know we said we like to use pistachios in baking, and ice cream doesn’t technically qualify as baking, but this ice cream recipe is so darn good that we’re including it anyways. Food and Wine shows you how to use pistachios to make the sweet taste of cool vanilla ice cream even better than it already was.

4. Vegan pistachio bread

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan pistachio bread

Besides loving it when we find versatile ingredients, we also adore when those ingredients are vegan! It’s always a plus when your friends with dietary restrictions can get in on the sweet treats too. Pistachio bread isn’t too sweet, so it’s perfect for a light snack. Check it out on Anecdotes and Apple Cores.

5. Pistachio doughnuts with rosewater glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYPistachio doughnuts with rosewater glaze

Do you like to challenge yourself by making things that are a little more unique and gourmet when it comes to flavour combinations? Well, we’ve found the perfect homemade donut for you then! We’d be willing to bet that you won’t find pistachio and rosewater on the donut menu at the nearest coffee shop. You will find the recipe at Kitchen though!

6. Almond pistachio nougat

VIEW IN GALLERYAlmond pistachio nougat

Remember when we said that pistachios taste good in all kinds of treats? We weren’t kidding! Nougat might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of making yourself something sweet, but Food and Wine is here to assure you that it’s mouthwatering, especially when there are pistachios involved.

7. Brown sugar pear pistachio cake

VIEW IN GALLERYBrown sugar pear cake

Just like pistachios are versatile in the ways that you can include them in baking, they’re also versatile in the different foods and flavours they complement in a recipe. This cake idea from Garden and Gun is the perfect example! We never would have thought to pair pistachios with brown sugar or pears, but we’re very glad to know that it’s an option now!

8. Creamy pistachio pops

VIEW IN GALLERYCreamy pistachio pops

Did you like the idea of pistachio ice cream but you prefer your cold treats portable rather than with a bowl and spoon? Then these creamy pistachio pops are exactly what you need! They have all the refreshing goodness and satisfying crunch of the pistachio ice cream recipe above, just in a more compact way! Check out how they’re made on Food Network.

9. Roasted pears with brie and pistachios

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted pears with brie and pistachios

Okay, okay, we know. We said we were sticking to sweet baked goods on this list. When you see how good this recipe is, however, we really don’t think you’ll be upset with us! These pears are filled with brie cheese, sprinkled with pistachios, and baked in the oven for a flavour that’s juicy, creamy, crunchy, and all round scrumptious. Check out how to make them on Delish.

10. Gluten free pistachio cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free pistachio cookies

We already talked about how pistachios make a great vegan ingredient, but their usefulness in recipes for people with dietary restrictions doesn’t stop there! Pistachios are also gluten free, making them the perfect flavour addition to gluten free cookies. We suggest these ones from Mondo Mulia.

11. Pistachio pancakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPistachio pancakes

Do you love nothing more than adding a unique twist to classic dishes? We’re the same, and for some reason, we usually find that our favourite recipe alterations involve breakfast foods! That’s why we’re so into this recipe for pistachio pancakes by Peanut Butter and Peppers.

12. Gluten free sour cherry pistachio cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free sour cherry pistachio cupcakes

Did you love the idea of a pistachio cupcake the first time we put some on this list, but that particular recipe didn’t quite do the trick for you? Well, here’s an alternative with a funky flavour twist! Rather than just concentrating on the pistachios alone, Gluten Free Canteen uses them as a contrast topping for these awesome sour cherry flavoured cupcakes instead.

13. Goat cheese and pistachio covered grapes

VIEW IN GALLERYGoat cheese and pistachio covered grapes

Not all desserts have to be purely sweet in order to be delicious. These amazing cheese and pistachio wrapped grapes rely on the natural sugars in fruit to create an awesome flavour contrast. It sure does the trick, if you ask us! See how they’re made on Healthful Pursuit.

14. Brown butter, pistachio, and cardamom Madeleines

VIEW IN GALLERYBrown butter, pistachio, and cardamom Madeleines

Pistachios aren’t the only thing you can add to a recipe to give them a flavour that’s a little bit sweet, but also a little more interesting than the average treat. These Madeleine biscuits include pistachios, brown butter, and, believe it or not, cardamom! Check the recipe out on La Gallette.

15. Grapefruit and pistachio macarons

VIEW IN GALLERYGrapefruit and pistachio macarons

Macarons are another treat where versatility in flavour is just about the best part of having them! You’ve probably had, or at least heard of, pistachio macarons before, but by now you’ve probably noticed that we really like variations on common things. That’s why we’re so into this pistachio grapefruit macaron idea from Cannelle et Vanille!

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