10 Unique Things You Can Make with Perler Beads

Perler beads, also known as Hama beads, offer endless creative possibilities. Whether you carefully create a design on a pegboard, string them together, or melt them to make a confetti style bowl, you’re only limited by the power of your imagination. Let this roundup inspire your next DIY project.

1. Coasters

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Create unique patterns to make pretty coasters for yourself or someone else. This is a great DIY gift idea, especially for older children who want to make something for their parents, grandparents, or teachers. Learn how at Brit + Co.

2. Cup Guards


There’s nothing worse than getting bugs in your beverage while you’re trying to relax outside. Make Zine shows you how to protect your drinks with a simple perler bead project.

3. Decorative Tray

VIEW IN GALLERYtray from pearler beads

Organize jewelry, change, keys or other small items in a decorated rose tray. If you don’t like roses, use the cross stitch pattern of your choice to make a unique design on your tray. Tried & True has the tutorial.

4. Key Chain


A retro style camper key chain made from perler beads is cute yet practical. The Scrap Shoppe has the details.

5. Perler Bead Mirror


Jazz up a plain mirror with a colorful perler bead border. This project is from Perler.com and intended to go in a child’s locker, but you could certainly make a full size version if you wish.

6. Bowl

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If you lack the patience to arrange beads in a complicated design, melt them together to make a funky decorative bowl. Pink Stripey Socks explains how to make this quick and easy DIY project.

7. Desk Organizer

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YouTube has a tutorial you can use to create a custom pencil cup and office supply organizer for your desk. These items would also be great handmade gifts.

8. Custom Notebook


Use a perler bead design to decorate a plain notebook for a special spot to jot down your to-do list or work on finally writing your first novel. Learn more about this project at Babble.

9. Phone Case

VIEW IN GALLERYPerler Bead Phone Case

Need a new phone case? Why not make one that’s totally unique with this cute DIY project from Cut Out + Keep? The same basic technique could easily be used to make a different phone case for every day of the week!

10. Candle Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYcandle holder with hama beads

Weave beads together with shirring elastic to decorate a plain candle holder. Minieco has the details. Once you’ve mastered the technique, try decorating flower vases, pencil cups, and glass bowls.