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From Tortillas to Crispy Bacon: 5 Useful Microwave Tricks That Come in Handy

What do you use your microwave for most often? If it is just reheating frozen food, then you fall among the majority of people who do not really tap into the full potential of their microwave. It is a bit like me with my new iPhone; plenty of potential that I only fully understand and utilize as the time to upgrade draws near. It is a vicious circle really!

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But you need not have same issues with your microwave as today we have 5 fun and useful hacks that will put it to use beyond just heating cold food. From a simple trick that turns the tortilla into a crispy taco in just a minute to a useful little trick that gets more juice out of those chilled fruits; this video from BuzzFeedBlue helps you out in more ways than one.

There is also something for bacon lovers and a quick way to make your mornings far more pleasant with some frothy coffee.

Check out the video:

YouTube video

Just goes to show that there are plenty of things your microwave is capable of!