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Cuddly Royalty: How to Make a Cute Lion Cake Topper

What good is a delicious, fabulous cake without a topper that matches its style and gives the kids something to cheer about? The super-easy and awesome Lion cake Topper that we stumbled upon at Pink Cake Box University is perfect for a lip-smacking cake that you just prepared for your little one’s gala birthday celebrations.

VIEW IN GALLERYFinished lion

Things you Need:

  • Gumpaste
  • Yellow, Orange and Black Gel Colors
  • Wheeled stitching tool
  • Toothpicks and Glue

Get started by coloring the gumpaste and rolling the well-kneaded yellow fondant into a nice ball that is easy to work with. Start giving the shape to the lion topper as shown in the tutorial and once you are done with the figure, move on to the colorful orange mane. Creating this zigzag, string-like mane can be a touch tricky and could take a couple of tries before you finally get it right.


With the help of a few toothpicks and some glue, the mane should be all set within no time and by adding the tail; you have your super-cute lion topper. If you take a look at the adorable topper, it looks so much like a small teddy bear that you could stop right there and give the cake an entirely different look!

For more info check PinkCakeBox and see our little gallery here.