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Knitted Dog Sweaters to Keep Your Pooch Warm

Spring is finally coming, but it’s not here just yet! There are a few weeks of snow and chills left to get through before we can ditch our winter coats. You’re not the only one who’s still feeling the chill though! Your dog still feels the wind on your morning walks too. Have you ever thought that he might need another layer to keep him warmer than just his fur? Or maybe you just think the idea of dogs in sweaters is really cute?

Either way, check out these adorable patterns for knitting your dog a toasty warm sweater to wear until spring!

1. Side buttoned sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYSide buttoned sweater for dogs

(Source: Prima)

This pattern shows you how to make your dog a classy ribbed sweater with a buttoned side for easy removal after walk time.

2. Hoodie sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYHoodie dog sweater
(Source: All Free Knitting)

Adding a hood to your dogs sweater makes him look trendy, but it also gives you the option to bundle him up a little warmer if he starts to shiver.

3. No Bones About It sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous No Bones About It sweater

(Source: All Free Knitting)

What’s cuter than a dog wearing a sweater that’s covered in tiny dog bones?

4. Turtleneck sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYTurtleneck sweater

(Source: The Pet Parade)

You can’t get a much warmer sweater for yourself than a turtleneck. The same thing goes for your dog!

5. Heart sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart sweater

(Source: Stuff Steph Does)

This is the perfect sweater around Valentine’s Day, but let’s be honest- it would be adorable any other day too!

6. Stegosaurus sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYStegosaurus sweater

(Source: The Pattern stop)

If you’re going to dress your dog in homemade sweaters, you might as well have some fun with it! Kids will love seeing your little dinosaur walk down the street towards them.

7. “Barkberry” sweater

VIEW IN GALLERY%22Barkberry%22 dog sweater

(Source: Craftsy)

Recreating the Burberry pattern in a knitted dog sweater will make your furry friend the most fashionable dog on the block.

8. Puppy love sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYPuppy love sweater

(Source: Craftsy)

Let the world know how much you adore your dog with this cute patterned heart sweater.

9. Beaded Christmas tree sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYBeaded Christmas tree sweater

(Source: Craftsy)

You can give your dog’s knitted sweater a little more bling for Christmas time by adding beaded detail!

10. Gingham sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYGingham sweater

(Source: Craftsy)

What’s cuter than the idea of a dog wearing a sweater? A dog wearing a gingham sweater that looms perfect for a spring time picnic, of course!

11. Striped sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYStriped sweater

(Source: Craftsy)

Striped sweaters are a classic choice for humans, so you can bet they’ll look just as smart on your furry friend.

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