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Spiky Fun: Adorable Hedgehog Themed Crafts That Wow!

By linking our creative time to whatever our kids are interested in, we keep them focused on that activity and encourage them to ask more questions, tell us what they know, and learn even more. That’s why, when they came home from school raving excitedly about how their grade got a new class pet, we found ourselves looking up all kinds of cute, kid friendly hedgehog themed DIY projects! Their real pet hedgehog’s name is Harry and, since they got him a number of weeks ago, our house has been filled with countless miniature handcrafted versions of Harry made from just about anything you can think of.

Just in case you love the idea of making adorable hedgehog themed crafts with your kids just as much as we do, if not more, take a look at these 15 fantastic ideas from all across the online world!

1. Hedgehog pom poms


Have you always been a big yarn crafting family, learning how to knit and crochet together and always keeping a stash of yarn at the ready, in just about any colour? Then we think we just might have found the perfect tutorial for you right out of the gates! Check out how Molly Moo Crafts made a dual coloured yarn pom pom, trimmed it down to a point on the lighter side, and embellished it with cute little eyes and a darling black nose.

2. Miniature terra cotta pot hedgehog planter


Have you ever seen those adorable shaped planters that you’re supposed to set up with your kids so they can watch the greenery grow into the shape of a person’s hair of a little hedgehog’s quills? The latter option was always our favourite of the bunch when we saw them on TV, but we also always kind of thought the kits were a little overpriced. That’s why we were so excited to find this adorable tutorial for making a little hedgehog version of your very own! Makoccino guides you through the process of making it happen from two miniature terra cotta pots, some polymer clay, and some paint.

3. Foam and felt hedgehogs


Are your kids actually a little bit older and you’re convinced that they’re ready for a craft that’s slightly more detailed and therefore just a touch more challenging? Then perhaps you’d all enjoy sitting down to give these super cute foam and felt hedgehogs a try! Cool Creativity shows you how to make the foam body base, as well as how to embellish that with a felt face and some quills. We can’t get over how cute their little ears are!

4. DIY paper plate hedgehog


Are your kids actually still very small so you’re looking for a simple way to help them pay tribute to their favourite hedgehog friend, preferably with household supplies or crafting tools that you already have around your home and available for using any time the kids start feeling creative? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Crafty Morning made possibly the world’s simplest hedgehog themed craft using a paper plate, some scissors, and a marker! Just because this one’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not fun; our kids have made their own versions countless times, embellishing them with more colours and crafty extras each time!

5. DIY plastic bottle hedgehog planter


Are you still thinking about how much you really enjoyed the miniature hedgehog planter idea we showed you earlier on our list but you can’t help but feel like your kids would enjoy the chance to make a bigger version much more? Well, since we’ve already established that we’re all upcycling enthusiast here, we have a feeling this awesome hedgehog garden planter outlined step by step on DIY How To might be right up your alley all around! Check out how they made it happen using an empty pop bottle, some rope, and some little black buttons.

6. Little wooden hedgehog house


Are your kids the kind of thoughtful, ambitious kids who love crafting for those around them and making things for other people even more than they enjoy doing so for themselves? Well, if you’re all willing to take on quite the project indeed together, then maybe it’s time to learn a little bit about some basic woodworking skills! If their teacher is okay with the idea, check out DIY for Life to find out how you can make your kids’ class hedgehog their own adorable wooden hut to really make them feel at home in the classroom.

7. Hedgehog welding project


Perhaps it’s actually you that’s been completely obsessed with hedgehogs lately rather than your kids, and you’re quite experienced with various types of handiwork indeed, so you’re looking for something a little more skilled and high maintenance that you can display with pride? Well, if you’ve got a decent number of spare nails in the garage, then we’d suggest reaching for them now and then sitting down to take a look at how Welding Stuff with Spike made this fantastic upcycled nail hedgehog welding project. It’s perfect for displaying on your porch or nestling into your garden like a real hedgehog might.

8. Sprinkled hedgehog donut holes


Have your family’s DIY skills and love for getting creative actually nearly always been rooted in the kitchen because you’re also super huge food enthusiasts? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how All About Ami made these fantastically adorable (and totally delicious) hedgehog decorated donut holes! Whether you make them from scratch yourself or simply buy them from your favourite donut shop and help your kids decorate them with chocolate sprinkles, you’ll have a blast together in the kitchen. We checked for allergies with our kids’ teacher and made these together to take to their class in order to celebrate little Harry’s arrival!

9. 10-minute pine cone hedgehog


Are your favourite ideas so far on our list definitely the simple, quick ones that let you craft using things that might already be in your home? In that case, we’ve got another one for you to bookmark and keep in the stockpiled craft ideas list that you pull out when your kids started to get fidgety on a rainy day! Check out how Fluffy Hedgehog (which we think is rather aptly named for this list) created these adorable little hedgehogs in just ten minutes using pine cones from the nearest park, the peaks from inside an egg carton, some markers, and some glue.

10. DIY baby hedgehog costume


Are your little ones actually still young enough that their favourite way to celebrate anything they’re interested in or really love is to play pretend and imagine that they are that thing? Well, if you’d rather craft for them until they’re old enough to start crafting with you, then we have a feeling you’ll all get a huge kick out of this adorable baby hedgehog costume outlined step by step on Andrea’s Notebook! Don’t be intimidated by the back; it’s a surprisingly simple technique, as is the rest of the little suit.

11. Cute polymer clay hedgehog


Perhaps your kids are the kind of hands-on little go-getters that would much rather mould things right from scratch and build them entirely up from nothing? Then we’d be willing to bet that they get along very well indeed with crafts like play dough or polymer clay! That’s why we think you should take a look at how This Charming Stuff made a completely adorable little spiky hedgehog using drying clay. We love how their little hedgehog is laying on its back with its feet in the air, but don’t be afraid to play with the idea and make different little creatures doing all kinds of things!

12. Hedgehog painted rocks


Our kids love painting. There are actually few painting tutorials, ideas, and techniques that they don’t enjoy, but they get particularly excited whenever they get the chance to paint something that’s a little more “unconventional” or has a little more structure and shape. That’s why they got so excited about the idea of taking Easy Peasy and Fun‘s lead and painting some rocks and pebbles to look like hedgehogs! Our kitchen window sill is currently crawling with these little critters in all different sizes (and even some funky colours, just for a little extra fun).

13. DIY hedgehog pencil holder


If hedgehogs are what’s going to get your kids feeling excited and interested lately, why not take that opportunity to motivate them in areas of their life where they might not always stay focused otherwise and could use something nice to brighten up their mood while they concentrate? We’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Kids Crafts made this fantastic DIY hedgehog pencil holder that will look fantastic on their desk while your kids do their homework.