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Take a Refreshingly Fragrant Break: 15 Delicious Floral Cocktails

It might not exactly be cheerful spring weather outside right now, but that doesn’t you can’t enjoy a cheerful floral drink thcocktails we were a little bit confuat reminds you of warmer weather even when it’s chilly outside! When we first heard of the concept of floral sed because we’d never really thought of flowers as being something you can eat or drink, but we quickly learned through a quick recipe search that we were wrong! Floral cocktails quickly became one of our very favourite kinds of drinks to make and enjoy with friends, even when the weather is cold and you don’t expect a spring-like drink on the menu.

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of a fragrant floral cocktail as we are, check out these 15 fun recipes that we’ve actually tried (not all at once, of course) and would highly recommend!

1. Sweet basil cocktail


All right, we know that basil might not actually be a flower, but the more research you do about floral cocktails, the more you’ll find that basil is often used as a complementary ingredient to many different safely edible flowers! The blend of the two creates a sweet and savoury flavour experience that’s absolutely worth tracking down spring ingredients in the fall. Check out the floral ingredients for this delicious basil cocktail in more detail on The Ktchn.

2. Lillet rose cocktail


If you love the smell of roses and the smell of rose water then we have a feeling you’re going to absolutely love this rose flavoured cocktail as well! Its flavour is mostly sweet but with just a hint of something extra fresh and fragrant. We also can’t get over the way Martha Stewart garnished each drink with a pretty edible blossom floating right on top. As if the faded pink colour of the drink wasn’t already pretty enough!

3. Blackberry bramble with a blackberry garnish


Perhaps you’re not super intent on the idea of your cocktail actually having flowers in the ingredients list so long as the blend it’s made from has a vaguely floral taste? In that case, we absolutely think you should give these delicious blackberry bramble cocktails from Huffington Post a try! Besides a pleasantly fresh taste and the delicious blackberry garnish, we love this drink because of its ombre effect from white at the top near the ice to purple at the bottom.

4. Raspberry lemon cocktail


Does the idea of a cocktail that tastes like floral springtime hints but actually relies on berries for most of its flavour really appeal to you? Then we think you’ll really enjoy this delicious raspberry cocktail! Besides the fact that it tastes like one of our very favourite berries, it also has a delicious citrus kick thanks to the lemon in the drink and the lemon garnish! Get the full recipe on A Beautiful Mess.

5. Light rose sparkler


Perhaps you’re actually not one to partake in cocktails very often so, when you do, you prefer the kind that are sipped more slowly and have a very light taste? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love these light rose sparklers! They have a subtle, bubbly taste like champagne but with a more floral, rosy taste. We’re particularly fond of the way Cocktails for Breakfast amped up the flavour ever so slightly by adding mint leaves for some extra naturally diffused taste without overwhelming or masking the floral flavours.

6. Fresh cucumber lime cocktail


Perhaps you’re still intrigued by the idea of fruity cocktails that taste fresh and spring-like with subtle floral hints, but you’ve never actually like berries so you’re not sure you’re down to make the fruit based recipes we’ve shown you so far? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this extra refreshing cucumber cocktail recipe instead! Cookie and Kate shows you how to make a subtle but tasty drink from a blend of cucumber and zesty lime.

7. Minted hibiscus and raspberry cocktail


Are you caught up in the idea of how good several of these cocktails must taste, to the point that you’re actually having trouble deciding which one to make? Well, who says you can’t take your favourite elements from several and put them together? That’s exactly what this recipe from Williams Sonoma is made up of! You’ll get the fresh mint leaves and the juicy raspberries that we’ve already shown you in several recipes but combines with the fragrant and flavourful taste of hibiscus flowers.

8. Elderflower old fashioned


If you’re a bit of a delicious cocktail connoisseur then we’re certain you’ve had an old fashioned before, but sometimes putting a flavourful new twist on an old classic makes for the very best taste! That’s why we were immediately tempted when we found this recipe from Saveur. It’s made with the subtle but surprisingly sweet flavour of elderflower, something we never thought of trying to eat but are so glad to have discovered the potential of!

9. Rose martini


We’ve shown you a couple of rose inspired cocktails that have perhaps a hint of the aroma and flavour of your favourite flower, but what if you’re intent on having roses take centre stage if you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a floral cocktail in the first place? In that case, we think we’ve found just the recipe for you! Jenni Kayne shows you not only how to make the lightly sparkling drink, but also how to present it to guests with two small rose blossoms floating delicately and beautifully on top.

10. Lavender wildflower cocktail


We’ve always loved the smell of lavender for several reasons. Besides just smelling pleasant, the flower’s aroma is actually proven to have a relaxing effect. Talk about taking the idea of having a cocktail to wind down and de-stress very literally! Food Network guides you through the process of making a delicious drink from lavender blossoms and a fragrant blend of other edible wild flowers.

11. Rose cordial and charcoal dust cocktail


Are you still thinking about how much you love basically everything there is to enjoy about roses but, when it comes to drinks, you’ve actually always preferred crème and liqueur based beverages to ones made of pure alcohols? In that case, we definitely think you should give this delicious rose cordial cocktail a try! Besides being a beautiful colour and having a delicious taste, Dujour shows you how to garnish the very surface with a dusting of charcoal that stands out in stark contrast.

12. The Royal Sapphire


Are you a huge fan of absolutely any flower you can get your hands on that’s purple? Well, how about making a wonderfully purple cocktail to go along with that? Drink of The Week shows you how to make this drink both look and taste great by harnessing the fragrance, taste, and colour of elderflower. We love the way they added a splash of lemon juice to give it some extra kick.

13. Hibiscus margarita


We’ve always loved a good margarita because they’re fruity, flavourful, and the blended ice is a totally refreshing taste! The idea of making a cold drink that tastes like flowers might be a weird one in the fall when the weather is chilly but, honestly, we love margaritas so much that we’d make this one in the middle of a snow storm. Huffington Post shows you how to make yet another delicious hibiscus drink that’s perfectly complemented by a simple white sugar rimmer.

14. Passionflower cocktail


While these subtle, gentler tasting floral cocktails are all well and good, do you prefer a cocktail that has a more intense taste? Then perhaps you’ll have a better time making and trying this juice based passionflower drink instead! Recipes 4 Us shows you how to make the drink, but also how to garnish it with an actual blossom. We know that pretty presentation doesn’t actually amplify the flavour of the drink, but it just completes the cocktail for us somehow anyways!

15. Hibiscus champagne


Are you a very occasional drinker who doesn’t actually love cocktails because you prefer to stay away from all the sugar and flavours, but you’ve always enjoyed champagne and you don’t mind a small twist as long as the flavour is subtle? Then adding a floral taste is actually perfect for you, since they’re already usually so mild! We adore this hibiscus champagne idea from Chow Hound more than possibly anything else on the list because, besides being so surprisingly delicious that it practically tastes gourmet, the dried hibiscus blossom in the bottom of the glass provides a thrilling visual.