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Beyond Just Eye Candy: 12 Delightful Edible Wreaths

We’ve written a lot about DIY wreaths in our time. We’ve also spent a significant amount of time actually making edible wreaths as well. That’s partially because they’re such an awesomely versatile decor piece, something you can making for just about any season or occasion, but it’s also in part because they’re just so much fun to make! We recently discovered, however, that wreaths are even more fun to do if you make them out of things that can be eaten. After all, isn’t everything better when there are snacks involved?

Check out these awesome edible wreath ideas, some of which are wreath inspired food presentation and others that are actually hanging novelty decor made of food!

1. Gumdrop wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYGumdrop wreath

The idea of making just about anything out of candy is one that always appeals to us, no matter what it is, but we’re particularly fond of the idea of making a candy wreath. We have to watch ourselves, however, because we often end up adopting a “one for the craft, one for me” system and suddenly we don’t have enough candy left to finish! She Knows suggests making your extra fun wreath out of gumdrops because they’re colourful and they come in huge bags that you probably won’t accidentally eat in one crafty sitting.

2. Marshmallow wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow wreath

Are you already thinking about Christmas crafting ideas next year to do with your kids while they’re home from school because they’re little busy bees who always want to try something new? Then start stockpiling ideas now! You can start with this awesome little edible wreath from The Sweet Escape that looks like snowballs but is really made of mini marshmallows.

3. Mini Cornflake wreaths

VIEW IN GALLERYMini cornflake wreaths

Do you like the idea of stockpiling Christmas ideas early and the idea of making wreaths from your kids’ snacks but no one in your household likes marshmallows? Well, making your project from something you don’t like will certainly save you from eating all your supplies, but where’s the fun in crafting with food if you can’t snack a little while you’re at it? Check out this adorable mini cornflake wreath idea from Bonnibella instead.

4. Sugar cookie wreath


Perhaps you like the idea of crafting with sweet things, but you’re not actually a big candy person? Have you always been a talented baker? Then try making a wreath out of cookies instead! We love this star shaped Independence Day design from Sweetopia, and we also love that you could make it either as decor or just cute flat presentation for snacks.

5. Rock candy wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYRock candy wreath

Food Network guides you through the process of making a sweet (in all senses of the word) wreath out of rock candies and we’re in love with the almost pixelated design the jagged treats give you! Their wreath is designed to look like a Christmas fir and holly wreath, but you could use this same idea and make it in all kinds of colours for many different seasons and designs.

6. Cupcake wreath


We’ve shown you how to make a wreath that harnesses the versatility of food, but why not do things the other way and make food that pays tribute to a wreath instead? This cute little circle of cupcakes is easy to do, so much so that it’s a very kid friendly cupcake decorating activity. The Cake Blog shows you how it’s done!

7. Green herb and olive wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen herb and olive wreath

Maybe you’d love to make a Christmas wreath from food, but you don’t want to waste the kinds of gourmet snacks that suit your tastes? Then make an edible wreath food display instead, because then you can actually eat it once everyone’s seen how nice it looks! Julia Usher suggests laying a collection of olives and cheese on a circular bed of rosemary to recreate the look of a pretty fir tree wreath decorated with berries and bobbles.

8. Ham, cheese, and vegetable wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYHam, cheese, and vegetable wreath

If there’s one type of appetizer we love sharing at parties most, it’s pull-apart bread. Besides being fragrant and delicious, people get a kick out of pulling the pieces apart and enjoying all of the delicious toppings that come on top. Many of the pull-apart bread recipes that we see are sweet dessert dishes but just in case you’re more of a savory person, here’s a colourful vegetable recipe from Tablespoon!

9. Mint candy wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYMint candy wreath

Have you always loved winter because that’s when all of the peppermint flavoured things are released? Candy canes, peppermint hot chocolates… the list goes on. Well, lucky for us crafters, peppermints are just about as cute looking as they are delicious tasting! Check out how Dreamy Whites made a super cute winter wreath out of a foam ring and a package of red striped peppermints.

10. Edible pavlova wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible pavlova wreath

Do you have one of those rounded cake molds that every bake ware set seems to come with but that not all regular home bakers end up using? Well, putting yours to use is a great way to make a cake that looks just like a wreath! The Cake Bar shows you how to make a mouthwatering rounded pavlova that’s utterly irresistible. Theirs is made up like a holiday wreath with some holly leaves, but you could stick to colourful fruit if you’re not making it around Christmas!

11. Gingerbread cookie wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread cookie wreath

Did you really like the idea we showed you earlier of making a wreath out of cookies but you’d rather have a little more flavour than just simple sugar cookies? Then check out The DIY Mommy‘s recipe for not just gingerbread cookies, but fragrant gingerbread cookies that are iced together to form a whole ring of deliciousness.

12. Cheese wreath


When it comes to wreath themed food presentation, you can probably tell by now that rosemary is a pretty versatile tool for neat visual effect. Just in case you don’t want to try our earlier rosemary suggestion because you’re not a huge fan of that many olives, however, here’s a version from The Daily Meal that involves a lot more cheese, and of all different kinds!